What is carving Hair

term "carving" is used in various fields.The concept of the art of hairdressing hair involves carving a wave, performed by a benign means.It differs from the chemical composition of the drug and the way the impact of components.The solution acts only on the upper layer of hair without affecting domestic.Therefore, this method is less traumatic for curling hair.Curly hair is stored up to 8 weeks.It gradually goes away, do not shave lost their shape and form hair, as in the chemical wave.

Who can do the carving hair

wave of hair using the procedure of carving can be done for all women with medium or short hair.However, if you skhie, damaged hair, the ends of which are cut, you must first put them in order with special medical masks and trim the ends of the curls.This will ensure long and beautiful styling curls.

Greasy hair, on the contrary, improve their health, as this dries the hair curling slightly.

can not do hair carving pregnant and lactating women, as well as during menstruation and

receiving potent therapeutic drugs.Ladies are advised to make allergy-tolerance test components of the composition.

also do not recommend long-term perm girls, who are often discolored or meliruyutsya.

How is carving hair

Carving is done using different curlers (boomerangs, large, thin, rollers, etc.).In the salons, there are whole catalogs carving hairstyles.Master assesses the state of the client and the type of curls and offers the most suitable composition form rollers, and means for hair care after the procedure.

process itself takes about half an hour.Specialist winds locks in curlers, and then applies the composition for carving.From the time of exposure depends on the result of resistance.Then the barber hair thoroughly washed and dried.

order not to hurt the hair, it is best to contact the salons tested.

Benefits carving

Besides sparing action, carving the hair (photo) gives hair neatness and completeness.After washing the hair can be modeled in a new hairstyles: leave curls, pulling hair, to create the effect of wet hair haircut or give a creative mess.Curls in the carving looks natural, as they are different in size and shape, and hair soft.

Hair Care after carving

After the procedure, a long-term placement does not require any special care.Wash and dry your hair, you can use familiar tools, better to dry air, without a hair dryer.We recommend using moisturizers and reducing agents.Staining is possible after 72 hours paints without ammonia.

Though carving hair yavlyaetya non-traumatic procedure should take a break of 3 months.This makes it possible to recover the hair.

With carving can fantasize and invent unusual way.Foam curls gives a different shape, spray their records, the gel creates a wet effect.Be compelling and enjoy its magnificent hairdo!