Tar shampoo - first aid for your hair

poor environmental conditions in the city, the constant washing and then drying leads to the fact that your hair loses shine and thickness.Of course, nearly two centuries ago such problems were not, but common in women and other difficulties.As they came out of the situation?They used simple folk remedies, for example, tar shampoo.

Why is it in favor of hygiene not only ordinary citizens, but also the aristocrats made their choices.In fact, the tar has a huge number of positive qualities.It not only helps to bring your hair back to normal, but also save you from various diseases of the scalp.

Modern tar shampoo in any case not lost all those properties for which he is so fond of girls the last century.Of course, not every moment is decided to use it during a hair wash.And all because he has an unpleasant, pungent smell even.In addition, application of shampoo on the hair - a rather difficult task.

What can be cured using tar shampoo?Reviews dermatologists argue that almost everything.He copes with

a variety of fungal infections of the scalp, dandruff, psoriasis, seborrhea.In addition, the shampoo helps restore your hair shine, strength and volume.Any girl knows that these three indicators are the main components of the perfect hairstyle.

Despite the large number of positive qualities, like any other hair products, from tar shampoo has its disadvantages.Firstly, when using such a hair shampoo for light problems can occur.To be more precise, your color can darken a couple of colors.Secondly, tar shampoo for dry hair.It includes a lot of substances that are very dry hair.Third, do not use it to split hairs.

Currently tar shampoo is manufactured both in Russia and in several European countries.Of course, this raises the question: "What's the difference between Russian shampoo from the European hygiene?".The matter composition.In foreign shampoo are polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, and from local producers do not.

Use tar shampoo the same way as the most common, you are unlikely to succeed.And all because there are a few subtleties.One side effect of using this shampoo is that the hair after washing may seem messy and even greasy.To this did not happen, you want to follow our advice.

every day to put tar shampoo on your hair should not be.This is not the usual hygienic means, but rather drug.Before applying the whip to a foam fluid in the hands and then apply it on your hair.If you encounter a problem when combing, then after a shampoo wash the hair of tar still regular shampoo and then conditioned.

Many do not trust the manufacturers of such products, so try to make shampoo at home.For the production of tar shampoo you need soap and birch tar.In equal proportions, combine them, and then packed in polyethylene.After two days, the mixture is ready for use.If you do not want to complicate your life, just buy Finnish tar shampoo.