Which hairstyle for the square are the most successful to date?

not only long hair is the best option of female hairstyles.For haircuts bob it has a lot of variety of species that help to create the right type for today's mood.Romantic coquette or fatal socialite - all of it can be made with short hair.It is only necessary to determine the type haircut.No wonder that many celebrities prefer to remain the owner of the hair of medium length and short.Hairstyles for a square is not time-consuming to create them, and take care of them and that is easier.

No matter what your hair color.Delicate blonde passionate brunettes and redheads giddy ladies can easily be solved on a square cut.Particular attention should be paid to the shape of the face.If you are the owner of a massive angular cheekbones, or the bottom of a wide, in this case, better to give preference to an elongated front strands.They also hide the extra roundness of the cheeks.

Hairstyles for a square can be smooth or volume.Last look good even on short hair.Smooth bob was very fashionable in the last cen

tury.Many actresses drove her crazy fans of this hairstyle.But fashion is once again making revolution.Therefore, to be in the trend is quite simple.At the same time you do not need a lot of time to freshen up in the morning.Several motions comb easily solve the problem of tousled hair.Yes, and they are now dry much faster.Styling for a lush version is created with the help of gel, mousse, or fixing foams, as well as a round brush.

Very original look hairstyle for a square with elongated strands in a bang.This option is perfect for young girls who want to look stunning on the fashionable party or incendiary dances at the club.These locks can also be painted in any contrasting color.Very bold and appealing look white, red, pink and purple curls in different variations.

All short bob hairstyle for an elegant ladies' type open neck.This option simply captivates men.Statistics confirm the fact that the majority of boys are thrilled by such a seductive and juicy details in the female form.This hairstyle would be appropriate at a gala event at the office and even at his own wedding.After all, it can be decorated with natural and artificial flowers, add rhinestones and sequins.There

and evening hairstyles for punishment.Simply unusual paint hair in different colors that will blend well with each other and with the little contrast.Coloring is the best set off light-colored strands.You can also separate the ends of the hair dye.Very well looked option when the strands are twisted slightly inward.This hairstyle will make even thin hair visually magnificent.But the model with the ends curled outward, give the image a touch of spice and audacity.Feel perky girl on a background of gray everyday business.This haircut is not only uplifting, but even much of youth.