What if a woman - a fool?

The consultations of psychologists often men asked the question: "What if the woman - a fool?"There is a reciprocal question: "Why did you decide that it is a fool? How did you get married to a man who behaves inappropriately?"Today we look at real cases of human stupidity and dispel some of the myths about spouses to hang on so if someone labeled as "stupid", it is justified.

What if a woman - a fool?

So, back to the past and remember why you married?There are several reasons for the entry into deliberately failed marriage: for love, for the calculation, stupidity.To solve the problem of family relationships, see where it all began.

marriages of love, or why my wife is such a fool?

the most pleasant occasion to get married - it's love, but during courtship partners looking at each other eyes in pink glasses and do not pay attention to the "cute" antics and "idiosyncrasies".It is inherent in both men and women.

After several years of living when there are children and the household routine, tr

ail tale falls, and "cute features" are unbearable nightmare.It was then and there for the first time the question "what to do if a woman - a fool or a husband - a complete idiot."If in this situation you know yourself, you can only sympathize, because this man you have to live the rest of life.

someone decides to divorce, some prefer to suffer all my life, and someone starts lovers.In any case, your example can serve as a warning to future generations: before starting a serious relationship, consider whether you can put up all his life with the shortcomings of his partner.If this preliminary analysis does not help, there is nothing to complain about destiny.You yourself have made your choice!

Not that I'm a marriage of convenience, and here the wife got a fool!

second reason why marry - it is pure mathematics:

  1. time to marry, and no suitable candidate.
  2. her parents a great connection.
  3. It will be a good wife and mother to the children, and love can and mistress.

In this case, the wife can just "fly off the rails", as married, she left with the hope of love "to the grave", but it turned out that she simply chose as in the catalog under the name "The best of the worst."Initially, while the memory of the celebration of the marriage is still fresh, it will be easier to create a semblance of family life, but then you get tired of pretending and wife begin to feel the trick.

Once opened the truth that family happiness you do not succeed, the woman begins to assert itself, which means "to cut" you.To enter into a marriage of convenience or not, it's your choice, but are you prepared for the consequences?The same goes for women!Do not create a family without love, so you do not bring your partner to a nervous breakdown their indifference.

Marriage of stupidity, or what to do if a woman - a fool?

From the list of reasons why people marry out of stupidity, you can create a hit parade "the most stupid reasons for marriage."However, the most ridiculous - this is when it is unwanted pregnancy.

Due to the fact that the partners have been improvident, and now the light will be a new person, people choose to marry without the love.The divorce rate among these couples is the highest - it exceeds the disintegration of families that have been created for love or calculation, and all because it was an "accident" and not a conscious choice.

Because of this negligence most of all children suffer because they do not only grow in a family where there is love, but also constantly hear against their mother's abuse.If it is too late, once again weigh all the "pros" and "cons" of marriage due to unintended pregnancy, because it will give you a stamp in the passport, but will not save from divorce.

What if a woman - a fool?From this there is no cure or standing council.As they say, the wife and the machine does not complain.To choose!And more often look at ourselves.If God has given you this person as a partner, you may need to learn to talk to her on the souls and find a compromise?