What if a husband offends his wife and children

Everyone dreams of a strong and happy family, but it is often such that all these dreams are crumbling under the weight of time and burden of quarrels and scandals.Surefire way to put an end to it - is reconciled with his second half.But what if no one is willing to make concessions, if the husband is offended, and his wife only adds fuel to the fire?

You want to be happy ivym or right?

argument is often the culprit's wife (it is bitter, but it's true).But what if a man insults his wife and children, he inflates the scandals of the blue, while trying in every way to humiliate the family?From a physical point of view of his wife - a very weak creature, which is unlikely to be able to stand up for themselves, but this does not give the man any right to insult her, and even more humiliating.If the husband during a quarrel apparently alluding to his physical advantage, the wife can only keep silent, or become a victim of physical abuse.It happens that all conflict can be resolved with a simple conv

ersation.It is enough to set its second half question: "Do you want to be happy or right?".If a person is important relationships, then, of course, he would stop conflict.Well, if it is important for his pride - he did not dwell on this issue, or turn it into a regular occasion for scandal.

Why are quarrels in the family and how to avoid them?

very difficult to answer this question.All depends on the person, on his relationship to his other half, from the perception of the environment from the effects of the psychological factor.In general, there are many reasons, which are to some extent influenced by the perception of one person by another.If the husband offends no apparent reason, it may cause irritation to be found in himself?It is worth to turn to a psychologist, who will not only help to understand the problem, but also show ways to solve it.Maybe the wife just do not notice or do not want to notice the fault.In this case, the psychologist must apply to both.The problem can be solved without a psychoanalyst - just sit down and talk heart to heart, frankly.The main thing that kind of talk did not cause new quarrels and scandals.

husband offends and beats - save!

wives often become victims of physical violence by their husbands.The spouse may chip wife not only on a drunken head, but also sober, which is much worse than it had happened under the influence of alcohol.Why is that?Everything is very simple.Under the influence of alcohol the person becomes irritable, it had blunted the normal perception of the environment, that is, in most cases he just did not realize what he was doing.In such cases, the person may struggle with.On a sober head as he not only understands what he is doing, but also indulges this, that is, does it consciously.In the second case we have clear signs of tyranny, to fight which is very difficult, almost impossible.If the husband insulted his wife and children deliberately, it is unlikely this is something you can do about it.It remains only one thing - divorce.As hard as his wife may be, to decide on this is, after all, if a man hit once, then hit the second.