Monogamy - a myth?

In society there is only one type of intersexual relations, the receiving society.Monogamy - a well-established type of family in which a man can have a relationship with only one woman.

Existing types of families

modern world has two kinds of family relationships - monogamous and polygamous.Monogamy - a relationship between two opposite-sex partners.Polygamous relationships - this is the official communications of a man with various women.This family organization, as well as polyandry (a woman has several husbands) is not perceived by society in a culture which is not incorporated the data type of relationship.Such a family row cause condemnation and disapproval of the modern world.

With the advent of children monogamous family turns to nuclear.Families with older children are married and live with the parents of one of them, are called - the extended family.

Currently, Russia markedly decreased amount of complex (extended) family.The reasons for this were: separate from the older generatio

n living for young families;low birth rate as a result of the reluctance of married couples have more than one child;the death of a spouse (over 13%), multiple divorces.Extended families consisting of two or more couples, there are only about 4%.

Monogamy people

From childhood people instilled faith in the perfect relationship between a man and a woman.The content of many films, books present the theme of "eternal love."That view is considered monogamy.It is the perfect form of family life.With age, the belief in the real sense is even stronger, and sometimes a lack of understanding between husband and wife is to scandals in the family that provokes one of the partners to commit adultery.

Most people are very receptive to the opinions of others and often do not like, "he tells the heart", as well as the Council of "well-wishers".As a result, most often thought of treason appear not because of physiological needs, and against the background of social dependence.It follows that the various psychological problems, fear of betrayal only accelerate its approach.Monogamy - it is absolutely a trusting relationship between the spouses, where there is a link only two people - a man and a woman, and there is no room for a third.

disappointment in your partner - not a rare phenomenon.But consider that the disadvantages of every person, including you.The biggest difficulty in family relationships - the ability to understand and forgive a loved one.Once you learn to control your emotions, the results in the relationship will not take long to wait.

Love does not depend on the form of marriage.Monogamy includes not only living together couples, but also mutual understanding, trust in each other.Do not allow disturbing thoughts to destroy your marriage.Monogamy - is, above all, the joy of time spent together, communicating with each other.Drive away from all of your systems, remember to hurtful moments present in your life together, liberated in intimate terms, be sexy, suppress their jealousy.