Students and Student Day

Holidays always bring joy to their long wait for pre-prepared.And when the young blood veins, all the festivities are transformed, usually in an incredible and unforgettable events.Students at all times was considered the most fun, so-called golden age.And holidays - Students Day - dedicated to this wonderful period, it has always been and will the most beloved and expected for students in secondary and higher educational institutions.

Student Day is also unique because it can be celebrated not one, all the other parties, but two times a year: January 25 and 17 November.The first date is also known as Tatiana's Day or the Day of Russian students.On this day in 1755 Empress Elizabeth signed a decree by which was opened Moscow University (now the Moscow State University).Since this date was celebrated, first as a day of worship of the Roman Tatiana (by which, in fact, was all of the above), and later - as the birthday of the university and, therefore, Students Day.November 17 is considered more extensiv

e event, or rather, this date is known as the International Students Day.Its origin is connected with not the most pleasant incidents.In 1939, some Prague students with their teachers decided to organize a demonstration in honor of the anniversary of the founding of the state.As a result, the Nazis who occupied the country at the time, was shot dead by one of the students, after which the remaining protested.It ended the arrest of many young people, and the most active were executed.After a couple of years in London, a meeting dedicated to the fight against Nazism, which it was decided to celebrate Student's Day in honor of the victims.

Currently, and 25 January and 17 November decided to have fun and receive congratulations students.Interestingly, in addition to the international holiday, the modern students do not refuse to celebrate the date dedicated to the student body, which relate to certain countries or even specific institutions, such as Harvard.

largest event dedicated to students, today is the International Student Festival, which is traditionally held in the Norwegian city of Trondheim.This a kind of conference meets every two years, more than 400 students from around the world.The festival has now become quite a serious event, covering the many global, mostly related to the socio-political issues of international importance.Since 1990, about 350 Norwegian students volunteered to help in organizing the event, ensuring the correct execution of every detail.Attending the festival, students take an active part in discussions, listen to lectures and workshops, share their thoughts and important ideas.As part of the events held extensive concert program includes art exhibitions and interesting.

Student holidays in our country has not yet reached such a high level and do not collect so many participants, but, nevertheless, the students often hold noisy parties.To diversify the holding of fun, you can come up with on the day of the student's script, give the most active role and speak to fellow students.This celebration remembered by all for many years and are most likely to be a tradition in every team.Very often, students are eager to make it hold its celebration of the most memorable, everyone wants to be a party then a long discussion, and those who did not attend her, sorry about that.Undoubtedly, the majority of young people have a great imagination and are free to come up with different options for scripts.But if such a possibility for some reason is not available, you might come to the aid of professional agencies that specialize in carrying out activities.