The term "marriage": the marriage bond

marriage - is the desire of men and women to legalize their relationship.For girls the word "marriage" means happiness, but for many men it's the biggest fear.Why do opinions differ?And it really?

Marriage - is an integral part of the future of every young girl.For one stamp in the passport - a moral satisfaction, for others - a sense of confidence and protection.This lucky ticket to the future for a girl boyfriend and their future children.

The marriage is celebrated in Russia and have fun in a big way.Relatives and friends of the couple to alert future invitations to the wedding, which is indicated the date of the celebration.

concept of "marriage" for some of the girls - it's just a happy family union, which does not require any proof and evidence.The main thing for them - it feels.This is called civil marriage.

What is a civil marriage? term "civil marriage" means a union between two people who have not confirmed their relationship legal matrimony.Currently, 35% of young people prefer

to live in a civil marriage.And it's not just a great responsibility, which some fear, but also in the economy at a wedding party in the relationship and the lack of freedom of different property problems.

people living together in a civil marriage, can get to know each other a little better and determine whether they get along in the future.After the first period of the relationship is difficult to understand how there will be future family life.And every day living in the same house, common-law husband and wife can understand each other, they are suitable or not.This is the first advantage of such a marriage.

second advantage is the saving of a civil marriage.At the present time to play decent and lavish wedding, the pair will have to pay considerable penny.If young people have decided on a civil marriage, they can spend their money on something else.

third advantage is the freedom of relations.Civil husband and wife agreeing to unregistered relationships psychologically given their freedom.Lovers on a subconscious level, understand that if the disorder occurs in a relationship, they can easily disperse.This will not have any legal red tape over the division of property in accordance with applicable law.

term "marriage", some men perceive as complete confidence in the future.He married officially, they think that their legitimate wife is now on them are not going anywhere, which means that their life is good, and they can afford to spend free time with friends or watching TV in the evening.And they no longer pay attention to his wife as it was before.If the civil marriage, the wife has great advantages.It is free and independent of her husband, and if it is in family life that is not satisfied, the wife can go.Therefore, many consider inappropriate marriage.

term "marriage" Yet for many - it is a legal union between a man and a woman, which aims to create a family, the birth of children.It generates their personal and property rights.One thing - marriage is the union of two lovers who are tired of being alone.

Despite all the definitions, the term "marriage" every person is treated differently.Several years ago, marriage was considered a must, and if she was lonely for a long time, it was thought that it is something wrong.But now the marriage - it's still a personal choice.