What to do if your child has conjunctivitis: treatment, symptoms and causes of

If the child has conjunctivitis, treatment should begin immediately, as the disease is fraught with serious complications, which are not easy to get rid of.Of course, to start need to consult an ophthalmologist, which should determine the type of pathology, as well as to understand the reasons that contributed to its development.

Thus, treatment depends on the type of disease.Most often, children have bacterial conjunctivitis.Less can be seen kind of viral and allergic.Naturally, in each case it built up its regimen.However, if the child has conjunctivitis, the treatment involves the elimination of the causes of disease and its consequences.

Naturally, the kid who was found symptoms of the disease should be isolated from the group of children, if he goes to kindergarten or school.The fact that the pathology is infectious (except allergic type).Causes of conjunctivitis in children may be different.For example, the disease can cause bacterial or viral infection, as well as local irritants: dust, food

.In addition, a weak immune system contributes to the development of pathology.

Acute conjunctivitis in children is characterized by such symptoms: foreign body sensation in the eye, conjunctival edema and its redness, tearing and painful reaction to light, pus, often will bond eyelids in the morning.In addition, the eyes may form yellow crusts.

If the child has conjunctivitis, the treatment involves the use of special antibacterial ophthalmic drops.Furthermore, it should eliminate the negative factors contributing to the development of the disease.For example, in the case of allergic conjunctivitis, try to remove all the irritants from the field of view of a child: do daily wet cleaning, remove dangerous products from the diet.Then treat allergies with antihistamines.Of course, you need time to cure all viral infections.

For the prevention of disease teach a child not to touch your eyes with dirty hands and do not shove any foreign objects into them.If the disease is started, you can use traditional methods of treatment.For instance, you can drip into the eye of a decoction of chamomile, calendula or tea.However, these methods should only be used after consultation with a doctor who will prescribe medication drugs, "Oftadek", "Floksal", "Tobreks" or "florenal."

If the child has conjunctivitis, the treatment provides for compliance with certain rules:

- before digging in, be sure to wash your hands with soap and water;

- you can not let a sick child in the children's collective, as the disease is contagious;

- to medication had maximum effect, you should hold the eye open for some time that the drops were right on target;

- drug should be of high quality.Also, do not use products that have passed the expiry date, it is advisable to buy a separate medicine dropper;

- treatment should be continued until complete recovery.