Group short stay in kindergarten: the benefits for children and parents

No one disputes and does not question the importance of raising a child in the family, where it is surrounded only by love and positive emotions.Parents want to create all the necessary conditions for an emotional well-being of their offspring, his normal mental development.However, not all moms and dads, unfortunately, aware of the importance of some moments, understand the need to communicate with the child and take into account the peculiarities of pedagogical influence on children under three years.Sometimes it happens that the parents would be happy to bring it all to life, but someone does not have enough time, someone certain knowledge, someone just too lazy to pay attention rebenku.V this regard and popular artist in the children's short staygarden.What are its features and benefits?Why is this form of education?

Firstly, the group short stay in kindergarten is different from ordinary nursery that the child does not receive psychological trauma due to separation from his mother.After all, with

her, he first attended preschool, gradually getting used to his new friends, teachers, engaging in interesting and appropriate for his age works.

Second, the child spends the whole day here, and only about 3.5 hours 3 times a week, which allows experienced teachers and psychologists to organize the educational process so that the baby has received all the necessary knowledge for him orOne important detail is overlooked.Because of this time it is distributed sparingly, it suffices for the planned activities, and free deyatelnosti.V Thirdly, the group short stay in the kindergarten has a particular specificity, which implies a special educational program for age kids and their psychological and emotional characteristics.

Fourth, we can not forget about my mother, who can leave with peace of mind of the child to the professionals and for the same number of hours of time to visit the barber shop, cook dinner or just relax.

What tasks are performed by the group a short stay in the kindergarten?Chief among them:

  • strengthening of physical and mental health of children;
  • formation of emotional stability, taking into account the physiological characteristics of children;
  • broaden their horizons, develop age-appropriate skills;
  • help children adapt to the particular agency;
  • formation of means and methods of communication with peers and adults;
  • work with parents, to familiarize them with the necessary activities.

Group short stay in a kindergarten in all respects has a huge help to parents in the correct and appropriate parenting.Teachers spend with the kids games that are aimed at the development of thought, speech, fine motor skills, imagination, memory and perception.In addition, working with kids musical director and specialist in physical culture.Group short stay in preschool - is not just fun and exciting pastime, but also a great benefit for both children and their parents.