What if the wife can not cook: a few tips

Modern women are substantially different from its predecessors.They are more looseness, confident, aware of the fact that such a gender inequality and even try with it as something to fight.It is not surprising today is a situation where a woman, contrary to someone or something just does not know how to cook.

Is this true?

If a man concerned about the fact that the beloved woman can not cook, do not start to panic, but should find out why this is happening.It's one thing if the lady just can not, becauseI had not had to do that.To cope with this problem is not difficult.Several difficult it will be to those men, ladies who simply do not want to cook due to any reason.

Learn and study again

If a man concerned about the fact that my girlfriend can not cook worth a try to teach her this uncomplicated case.Well, if you know the basics of cooking favorite, so he is able to help in some ways, and supporting.If both members of the couple are far from the cooking of food, you can try to write d

own the woman on cooking courses, to send to my mother or future mother in law for a master class.This method is not so easy to realize when the favorite does not want to stand at the stove.In this case, it must somehow be interested in: offer in return something from what she just can not refuse.


If a man thinks, what if the wife can not cook, can not simply ignore it and kuhovarit himself.Nothing wrong and shameful in this, because many of the great chefs of the world - men.In this case, a woman just has to perform other chores.The division of labor in the family home - that's out of this situation.

Lunch side

Men often long thought what to do, if the wife can not cook.They're just looking for a way to fill the stomach side.Well, if her husband would go to my mother or mother-in for a delicious dinner.However, most of this is looked for another woman, who would be happy to feed someone else temporarily, and later may have and your spouse.

Cafes and restaurants

What if the wife can not cook?The answer is simple: eat in such places as canteens, cafes and restaurants.There's often a tasty feed.That's just it will be worth a lot of money.By choosing such a way of eating, you have a pretty tight budget.

home cooks

Another clue what to do, if the wife can not cook: hire a woman who will periodically come in and deal with the case.Simply put, invite cook.This is a good way out, becauseit will be possible to book the desired menu, only once there is a problem of payment of such services: it will also be worth a lot of money.

Cooking as a holiday

Well, probably the most enjoyable way to avoid starvation, if the wife can not cook: do everything together, couple.Only then did the cooking woman will not be considered a burden which it brazenly hung.In addition, the company is all done faster, more fun and most of even tastier.Can such here in the evening to beat and make a home cooking show or come up with something else.The main thing - your soul mate interest in the cooking process.You look, and then everything will change for the better and women feel that cooking for her became a favorite pastime or hobby.