Food for ferrets and other recommendations on their contents

Ferrets - Predators of the weasel family.They began to keep at home more than 800 years ago.In ancient times they were used in the country mainly for catching rodents, while in the West they have long enjoyed great popularity as pets.Our compatriots have appreciated these furry and cute animals, and also began to keep them in houses and apartments.In this regard, many people are interested in how to keep a ferret, that he was sick and pleased their masters age 12-13 (as domestic individuals with proper maintenance and care are able to live).

Ferrets - chistyuli large, so one of the main conditions of their detention is cleanliness.The cage should always be clean.Regularly clean "house" your pet, water bottle, and litter tray and let him walk as often as possible.Many owners who love their pet, allowed him a day frolicking in the apartment only at night and sent to the cell.

If you decide to buy this wonderful animal, be sure to ask how to keep a ferret.With free time and a great desire, you can saf

ely start so unaccustomed to city apartments animal.It is very important for the proper maintenance of these animals to choose a quality diet.In the wild, they feed mainly on small rodents, so you need to choose a food for ferrets, which in its composition corresponds to the needs of your pet.

At home, they can be fed natural food or dry food.Favorite foods can become poultry meat products.Fish and eggs are recommended to give no more than 2 times a week, and make feeding twice a day.The fish (flounder, cod, mackerel) give in small amounts, egg, before adding food, you need to boil.Sometimes you can give a little bit of cheese or cheese (no more than 1 time per week).

Many owners prefer dry food for ferrets.It contains all the necessary animal minerals, vitamins.Another important condition: in drinkers have to be fresh drinking water.Food for ferrets to buy only premium.Do not skimp on the animal, as in cheap varieties do not contain the necessary substance for normal functioning.The best dry foods are, according to veterinarians, the following: "Bosch", "Evo" and "Needle Park".You can also use food designed for kittens from brands Hills, Eukanuba, Purina, Eagle Pack, Innova, Nutro Choice and yams.Only in this case, choose the one that is made with the addition of chicken, it is particularly likely to appeal to your animal.

Dry food for ferrets can be combined with fruits and vegetables, but remember that it citrus strictly prohibited.Also, you can not give your pet food for dogs and puppies.When feeding dry foods premium vitamins for ferrets are only needed for prevention, not more than once every three months.Basically, they are encouraged to give during the diseases of animals, moult, females during pregnancy and during the rearing of offspring.

for these animals developed special vitamins: «Ferretone» and «Ferret Vita- Sol».Medications designed for people who absolutely can not give.The only exceptions are vitamins for cats, but in this case it is necessary to maintain the dosage, which depends on the body weight of your pet.To ferret was a furry coat, you can give him drugs based on brewer's yeast.Vitamins for ferrets A, D, E are recommended 1 drop every other day for one month, but not more often than once a year (for example, means "tetravit" or "Triovite" in the form of oil solution).Before you decide to breed from your ferret is also necessary to follow a policy of taking vitamins.If you feed it quality food, to keep clean, walk and talk with him, he will long to please you with their habits.