Habits of cats: the value

Cats, thanks to a mysterious and independent (at first glance) nature, won the love of many people.Because between a man and a cat there is a "language barrier", for the construction of normal "relationship" with a four-legged friend is important to understand his feelings and mood of gestures.The behavior of cats may indicate different states of the animal: resentment, sadness, feeling of pain, aggression or gentle mood.Understanding these signals important person, to a greater extent for the cat, because, for example, in the case of its unhealthy state, the owner will be able to take measures: to take to the vet or the animal will try to heal yourself.

aggressive gestures cats

Cats inherently - peaceful creatures.They rarely tend to attack and are trying to avoid a direct conflict, throwing on the run.But before you get away from the source of danger, they want to intimidate him so that he does not set off to catch the cat.To scare the cat arching his back up, are "on tiptoe" in order to appear

taller and more.Ears deployed back and tail pushitsya, visually increasing in size.

If unable to avoid a fight, cats can spit in the direction of the enemy, growling and hissing.On the whole neighborhood at this moment heard wild cries they emit.During the fight, they try to grab by the scruff of the enemy and thus gain control of the situation.If the enemy - the dog, the cat is scratching her nose to reduce the concentration of the enemy.

If the cat is brought to a complete state of aggression, it is difficult to stop, at which point it is ready for the most desperate acts that intimidates even the big dogs.It is not uncommon when the cat is chased away and even the dog chased her to make a "retribution."

Habits cats and disease

also on behavior, facial expressions, gestures and voice, you can determine whether a cat is sick.If it all the time does not depart from the owner and screams, then most likely, she is in pain and asking for help.Another sign of the disease - is constantly half-closed eyes and bleary eyes, indicating that the animal is very tired.

The disease state may seek to escape the cat away from all: under the bed, in the closet, under the covers - where nobody would touch it.

If the cat is very nervous, and there her excited state (sudden movements, increased tone of voice, nervous fast licking), one of the most frequent reasons for this - Skin parasites: fleas and ticks, and the reason for this may be allergic.Constant itching can cause a breakdown in the cat.

Habits cats and weasels

murcit If the cat, it is a clear sign of good mood.If her pet at this moment, it can roll over on its side and substitute belly to him, too pat, and then "flatten" on the back.In this position, the cat is vulnerable, and if she allowed herself to such negligence in the behavior, then this is a clear expression of confidence in his master.

Habits cats and hunger

If the animal is hungry, it will call master and "carry" it for a place to feed.This cat looks straight in the eye "to those who" look up and lift the tail meow with a question mark.

Habits cats and respect for the host

Quite often, you will notice a situation where the cat rubbing against legs host "priobnimaya" their tail.The expression of reverence can reach an extreme degree, when the cat is placed with a small flip-flop on the human foot.The fact that cats are thus trying to leave their scent on the clothes a person to accidentally meet each cat's representative immediately realized that this person is associated with another cat.

Another expression of reverence and extreme trust relationship - "marking" a cat owner or his clothes.In this state, the cats 'remembered' as a child nursed their mother.The cat, who does not trust the owner does not like it, never will do that, so it should not be to drive in these moments: so it can be a very serious offense.