Makeup for brown eyes - How to enhance the beauty?

Some of the greatest classics once said that the beauty of a woman lies in her eyes, and he was right a hundred percent, because the eye is the mirror of the soul.The first thing you pay attention to a man at a meeting with a woman is her eyes, because it is from what it will be, depends on the development of their future relations.Emphasize the beauty of the eyes, to disguise flaws and demonstrate dignity, and thus achieve the desired effect, women will make up.It is no secret that for the fair sex, having different looks and temperament, there are many different ways to create your own unique and unique image.

burning brunette with brown eyes, usually characterized by bright appearance and no less colorful temperament, so it is sometimes enough to emphasize the true beauty of their natural charm.Makeup for brown eyes differs precise bending lines and expressive colors, because their owner should be given the shape of cat eyes, visually slightly raised corners of the eyelids.For this purpose, use bla

ck eyeliner and gently carried a thin line right at the most lashes along the upper and lower eyelids.

will finish make up for brown eyes light smear of shadows caused to transition from the light at the inner corners of the eyes to the darker to the outside.Thus, you can achieve the effect of languid look that any man will not leave indifferent.The most basic rule of make-up provides that the shade created for the eye, but not vice versa.No need to put on the face of all the existing palette of shades, you need only a little to emphasize the advantages or disadvantages of disguise.

It should also be remembered that the day make-up for brown eyes may differ significantly from the evening, as in this case, to consider the play of light and shadow.Decide with the color of the shadow will perfectly mirror is enough to throw in a few appraising look in daylight.For brunettes with light brown eyes and dark skin are ideal olive-brown color, they emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and the natural charm of their owner.Owners of jet-black hair, pale porcelain skin and an appropriate outfit perfectly suited saturated shade of blue, but the main thing is not to overdo it in a big way.

Day make-up for brown eyes necessarily include coloring eyelashes And for owners of blond hair perfectly suitable ink brown shade for the black-haired beauties and the ideal option would be black.Ink is applied to smooth strokes, pre-grabbing each cilium.Makeup will look neater if the ink is applied sparsely, because brown-eyed beauties of nature endowed with thick eyelashes and gaze.

Going to a party or a romantic date, brown-eyed seductress can afford more saturated colors in a choice of shades, as the evening eye makeup allows the presence of bright colors.Perhaps even the presence of sequins and reflective shadows, if it is in harmony with the dress and the mood of the young ladies.Use bright colors in the evening make-up is quite possible, the main thing is not to allow the slightest hint of a resemblance to the mohawk, embarking on the warpath.

Whatever the choice of brown-eyed beauties do not forget that the make-up for brown eyes only emphasizes their natural beauty and help their possessor confidence and achieve harmony.