Makeup for blondes - to reveal their beauty in a new way

Everyone knows that to be the blonde always beautiful and fashionable, and that is why most women completely forget that any need to emphasize the beauty.And without that stunning blonde man he could finally finish its charm, if you do not forget about some of the subtleties of use makeup.The first and most important rule is that the make-up for blondes should look the most natural.Remember that if you overdo it, do not emphasize the beauty of her, and negate it.This rule is automatically void the conviction that all blondes to face - not at all.

Day make-up for blondes only have to refresh your face, highlighting the little eyes, lips and natural, or otherwise - healthy glow that will make your beauty tune in other colors.The most important thing - it is eye makeup for blondes, because the eyes - behind the mirror of the soul, so make sure it is on the rim.Avoid bright colors and strong shadows dark tones since the first will make you vulgar, while the latter gloomy.No need to choose the color of the

shadow of the dress, it is better to focus on features of the skin, color of eyes and hair shade.
Eye makeup for blondes composed of shades of blue and silver shades, and if you have blue eyes, this color will emphasize good eyeliner bronze, wine or chocolate color.The owner of a darker hair color - wheat, light brown, the same gray suit and blue shadows, and also shades of chocolate and blue.Pepelnovolosym pay attention to the tone of shadows tan, gray and blue, the same applies eyeliner.The right eye makeup for blondes - it is half the battle.

Many important color of your skin and blush, usually start with this.Most people are well-groomed face skin make conclusions about your responsibility, seriousness and respect for herself that much important if you're going to make a good impression.Therefore, it is necessary to tinker with the selection of foundation and powder.There is no universal advice: every woman is different some the features of the skin.The main thing is to choose the means on a natural basis, and determine the color, pick something close to the color of your skin, or darker or lighter, otherwise it will look fake.As for blush, there forget about bright colors: there is no scarlet blush.Your selection - peach shades, pale pink, coral, brown, yellow and pink.Do not be afraid to experiment, or no it does not withdraw its formula, and beautiful makeup for blondes needs.

complete your irresistible appearance properly chosen lipstick.Do not forget that we are talking about the make-up day, so use lipstick discreet shades, close to the natural color of the lips.It is important to make your lips just a little brighter.If the emphasis on the eyes, the lips are not worth much to allocate, and vice versa.Coral, pale pink, bronze color perfectly complete day make-up for blondes.

Evening make-up is not much different from daytime.All the same naturalness of welcome, but in the evening make-up can be made a little brighter by eye shadow or lipstick, but it should not be dark eyebrow pencils or dark lipstick, and too bright colors.You do not need to alter their beauty, and just need to make it a little bit in a new sound by cosmetics.