Makeup for brunettes - Become a femme fatale!

Beauty - each is different, unique and special.But there is never superfluous to emphasize some features of their appearance: because we buy a beautiful belt buckle trouser or necklace specifically for a new sweater.Makeup for brunettes is the same that the decoration to clothing.The main thing is to pick it up nicely.Many believe that if the brunette, then, we need bright red lipstick, dark shadows and bright color.Of course, makeup for brunettes to be brighter than, for example, for blondes, but it is very easy to go from a normal brightness to the calling make-up, which is not decorate you, but merely tasteless and will give your inability to deal with cosmetics.It is especially difficult to cross the line in the evening make-up.

It begins with the selection of colors for the skin.Before we take up the application of cosmetics, clean and moisturize the skin, so that after foundation and powder to give skin color even tone and freshness.Choosing a shade makeup, look for something close to your skin,

or a couple of shades darker.Suit tobacco molasses, a natural tan color or ocher.To create the perfect blush use bronze shades, dark peach, coral pink or reddish.Evening make-up, respectively, should be a little brighter and more expressive day, so be a little more daring.Then your skin will be admired, and, as we know, nothing paints the women as admiring glances addressed to her.

great attention, making makeup for brunettes in the evening should be given to the eyes as they tell you how beautiful and adorable.If you are black, gray or brown eyes, especially in combination with black hair, then you can safely experiment with the dark tones of the shadows, eyeliner, eyeliner and mascara are not afraid to go too far.Any color from purple to black, will play in your favor, stressing the beauty of your eyes, of the total weight, perhaps as soon as the cold fall colors, like light blue or white.Evening makeup for brunettes allows more daring combinations, any extravagant ideas, which gives you complete freedom of choice.

beautiful makeup for brunettes includes not only focus on the eyes, but also on the lips, in particular their shape.Against the background of dark hair, dark skin and dark eyes lips may seem faded, even if they have the nature of a saturated color.To avoid this, use a pencil lip, clearly circling circuit.Remember that the pencil should be darker tone of lipstick.

Depending on the color of hair and skin, as well as eye color varies the tone of lipstick.And dark-eyed, dark-haired brunettes suit ruby, red-crimson or maroon lipstick, which can be applied on top of the luster with a reddish tinge.The green-eyed brunette with dark skin should choose a shade of coral, brown or dark pink.However, no matter how much to give advice, really good makeup for brunettes can not be done on the basis of a formula or system.Try new combinations of options and to express it its unique beauty.And then you are living in a femme fatale, finally manifest.