Red Lipstick - every girl's best friend

hereby win-win female weapon against men has been and remains a classic red lipstick on her lips seductive girl.It does not matter plump or thin your lips, small or big mouth - bright scarlet lipstick to complement any woman just important to use it properly.Since red lipstick - the best friend any girl, she never let you in such a crucial moment as the seduction of men.

Since the twenties of the twentieth century, red lipstick, like a little black dress, has become a kind of marker elegance, sex appeal and attractiveness.In our time, the most seductive diva domestic and foreign film industry often choose this bold color lipstick.Gwen Stefani, Renata Litvinova, Scarlett Johansson due to scarlet hue create unique and unique image, and above all dispel the popular myth that it may come not every girl.Indeed, the red lipstick - the best friend of every girl, because thanks to this bright color of your skin and teeth appear much whiter.Moreover, your face will resemble the shape of a fragile porcelain dol

l that will make it even more attractive.Red lips will transform every girl, making her even more beautiful and charming in the eyes of men.

Despite the fact that red lipstick - the best friend any girl, her choice should be taken very seriously and carefully.Wrong shade can turn you into a vulgar coarse woman or add you to a few decades.Experts recommend to remember the hidden shades of lipstick, which can appear only on your lips.Moreover, the tone of the lipstick should be suitable in particular to the color of your face.If you belong to a type of cold (winter or summer), you'd better choose the red lipstick with a pinkish tinge cold tones, warm skin types (autumn or spring) that will suit peach or orange shades.Of course, the universal becomes red lipstick with brown shades that suit and blonde and brunette.Do not forget that if you do focus on the lips, the eye is better to apply light make-up and practically do not use blush.Especially this recommendation concerns the brown-haired women, in this case it is better to restrict the use of black mascara altogether abandon makeup eyebrows.Businesses also stress that using red lipstick should be applied only to a neutral color pencil.

Red lipstick - the best friend of every girl, because it successfully hides the fatigue of its owner.Indeed, the bright scarlet stain concentrates all the attention on himself thereby detracting from irregularities and laxity of the skin, bags under the eyes and other negative symptoms of poor sleep and health.

Despite the fact that every year the stylists offer us more and more options for fashionable shades of lipstick red remains timeless classics and non-removable attribute sexy and exciting woman.It has become a kind of shining symbol of luxury women's standard of elegance and femininity.In addition, its products successfully advertise attractive queen of men's hearts - Fergie, Pamela Anderson and Dita Von Teese.Red lipstick can help any girl to seduce a man, because it is a win-win secret weapon against which the male absolutely can not and does not want to fight.