Make-up for the little eyes, day make-up

eyes - your window to the soul, which gives the maximum individual person.Make your eyes appealing and expressive way to the right to choose makeup.Much depends on the correctly chosen shade shadows, skillfully applied mascara and makeup competent applied in accordance with the shape of the eye.All this together makes it possible to emphasize the dignity, to disguise flaws and emphasize your eyes.

makeup for small eyes has the following features:

1. It is advisable to use light shades of shadow, applied to the upper eyelid upward from the roots of lashes to brow.
2. Shadows richer shade is recommended to apply to the crease.
3. When applying makeup for small eyes, pencil paint on the outer half of the eye, trying to put it as close to the roots of the lashes.In the middle of the eye, you can line a little thicker than in the corners of the eyelids, as it enlarges the eyes.
4. Under the arch eyebrows, it is desirable to use a light-colored shade, you can use a white pencil.This will help open your ey

es to visually enlarge.
5. Make-up for small eyes must take into account the shape of your eyebrows arc, so it should be the right form.For this type it is desirable to form a light eye and eyebrows, asIt allows you to open your eyes and expressive, visually discover them.

When applying makeup for small eyes, it is desirable to avoid using dark eyeliner because it is very clearly marked boundaries of the eye, making them even less.It is not advisable also use colored mascara.When choosing eye makeup shades desirable stop for gentle tones that are close to your skin color (copper, tan, beige, brown) and apply them to the entire eyelid.

It should be borne in mind that eye make-up day and evening have significant differences.Eye makeup is much more difficult to perform daily as using natural tones and shades, you need to make the beauty of the eyes and emphasize their dignity, hiding flaws.Day make-up includes the following main stages:

Ø Shaded light and transparent foundation.

Ø transparent powder dusting.

Ø shaping eyebrows.

Ø applying makeup on her eyes.

Ø Overlay blush;

Ø applying cosmetics on her lips, making out their outlines.

correct eye makeup shades begins with moisturizing the skin around the eye, ie,on the eyelid, apply a moisturizer specially selected.Then, on the eyelid powder oneself powder that matches the tone of the color of your face.Only after this is applied shadows.It should be borne in mind that the daily eye makeup does not tolerate bright and eye-catching colors.It is necessary to choose only natural tones.The technology of this process is that first applied the basic shade and shaded from lash to brow on the entire eyelid.Then, more saturated colors distinguish the so-called "area of ​​banana 'eyes, avoiding abrupt changes.Makeup Pick warm shades of bright shades such as brown, pale pink, peach, golden color is optimally suited to different skin tones.It is advisable not to use cold colors, such as green or blue.Warm and soft shades look attractive and natural.They can give you a good mood and confidence throughout the day.When the make-up day, as well as in the evening you need to use a pencil for the eye contour, as it allows you to emphasize your individuality and enhance the beauty.The final stage is the application of mascara.Mascara on lower lashes makeup in daylight, usually do not cause as it aggravates the general perception.Mascara on the upper lashes should be applied to the special brush in the direction from the roots of eyelashes to their ends.Matted eyelashes to be divided with each other using a special comb or dry brush.