Meybelin mascara for eyelashes in all its diversity

in the distant and ancient times, many women want to find a way to make their eyelashes have become much longer and more luxuriant.Eyes - the mirror of the soul, but in order to emphasize the beauty of this, you need mascara, the most various kinds of new items now available to all.Previously you used black or antimony - the paint plant.
In the early 20th century there was a mascara Meybelin, marked the beginning of development of the company Meybelin.In 1913, its founder TL Williams with a pharmaceutical form of a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust to get funds for dyeing eyelashes - ink Meybelin, and gave it to his sister.Only two years later he founded the company, which was named in honor of his sister Mabel.The name of the company intertwined its name the word vaseline «Vaseline", so it sounded like Maybelline, but the beginning of its establishment was the mascara Meybelin.The company then began to increase the range of manufactured products, there eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara Meybelin became a

vailable in a huge range of diverse special packages with dispenser.Only in the 50s released a mascara Meybelin equipped with a round brush, which is currently being used by all manufacturers that mascara, trends which today are provided with silicone, curved, etc.tassels.

For every woman that uses this cosmetics, best mascara chosen for ourselves individually, as commercially available carcasses have a different consistency.Producing mascara:

1. With liquid - creamy consistency, which is divided into water-soluble and water-resistant;
2. With solid consistency, which prior to application to the eyelashes should softening liquid.

Thus, liquid mascara can perform different tasks:
1. lengthens lashes.
2. attach lashes volume.
3. curls lashes.

Ink, performs a twisting eyelashes is provided with a concave brush with short fibers.There are views that combine multiple properties of mascara.Typically, such brush carcasses provided on one long side and sparse fibers contributing to elongation, and on the other hand - short and thick, giving volume.Brush-volume mascara applicator is made on the basis of wax.

When applying mascara with double function, you must first use the brush part, which is designed to lengthen, and then the part that tightens up.

As already mentioned, the best mascara for every woman own, and the technique of its application to the eyelashes is one.
When used for twisting eyelashes pliers, we should remember that they should be painted in parts.First apply mascara on the tips of the eyelashes, and after drying it is necessary to paint the lashes completely.In that case, if you put the paint directly on the entire length of the eyelashes, they untwist under the natural weight of the applied mascara.To make the brightness of the lashes mascara should be applied on the inside.At the same time, long eyelashes have to paint the more diligently, and just be a little bit short to draw brush.To avoid gluing eyelashes need to remove excess mascara from the applicator.After dyeing eyelashes glued eyelashes can be divided special brush or an old toothbrush.

currently produces carcasses, promoting nutrition and growth of eyelashes.They contain vitamins and nutrients.Typically, they are based on oil or glycerol is used.Such carcasses containing panthenol, protein, keratin, is used as a basic ink, and separately, as a means for the care of eyelashes.

important to monitor the shelf life of mascara used, as a rule, it is limited to 3 months.