The correct form - yes!

Face - the card of human rights and especially women.It should be well-groomed and neat.Even if such a person, and not very beautiful, the impression is created a pleasant and memorable.A very important point is the selection of eyebrow shape.We'll talk more about that.

First of all, we must remember that the line of the eyebrows should match the shape and size of the eyes, face and mouth.In addition, the woman's face should be two clear lines, not accrete eyebrows, so all the excess is removed.Beauticians share brow into three components:
- head (top of the eyebrows from the nose),
- middle part,
- tail.

Depending on the location of the latter part of the head with respect to the following types of eyebrows.

Rising - the tail is above the head.These eyebrows are particularly suited to a square face shape.They reflect the vibrant and youthful nature of the owner.

Arcuate - form suitable to any type of person, in fact, is considered ideal.Such eyebrows do not need to change the form, and re

quire only a small correction to remove "stray" hairs.

Falling - the long tail, the end of which is below the head.Such eyebrows make the face more mature, more severe and overcast.

Horizontal - break so weak that the arc is not visible almost, leaving the head and tail are almost on the same level.Thick eyebrows with this type give the impression of excessive severity.

Not all women can boast of an ideal curve of the eyebrows.In most cases, the eyebrows require correction.Types eyebrows selected depending on the shape of the face and then using special forceps and paints eyebrow (if necessary) to obtain the most optimal results.

Even if you have thick and fused eyebrows should not forget that the top line of the eyebrows with the touch is not necessary for two reasons:
1) reduced the natural height of the eyebrows, making a person more ridiculous than beautiful,
2) for plucking hairs upper activated follicles, promoting faster growth and more vivid hair dyeing.
Both reasons will become an even bigger obstacle to achieving the ideal result.

you look at the types of eyebrows and have no idea which one is right for you?Feel free to take a pencil and draw a bright color line of the eyebrows, which should match your face shape.After this feel free to use the tweezers.

If bushy eyebrows create large enough room for imagination, along with a great deal of work, use the applicator for eyebrows.Flexible plate with the pattern in the middle of the eyebrows imposes on the brow, tracing the contour of a pencil and then proceed to the plucking.

obligatory require correction fused eyebrows.They need to be divided, and only then begin to form the basic adjustment.Hair removal is performed by sharp movements, the skin is stretched between thumb and fingers of the hand.Conjoined eyebrows can be divided forever by laser or electrolysis.

types eyebrows allow adjust the shape of the face:
- if a person has a heart shape, the rounded eyebrows soften the sharp chin,
- long face becomes more rounded shapes while giving eyebrows wide sloping brow,
- more subtle and nottriangular eyebrows would be taken attention away from the square-shaped face angularity,
- a sharp contrast will look triangular eyebrows on his round face.

Even with perfect eyebrows require the use of the right makeup brushes and Eyebrow contour pencil.Last help emphasize roundness top point or, alternatively, make it more acute for a triangular shape.

For selection of the most appropriate form of eyebrows turn to professionals and then keep it regularly plucking unwanted hair.