Proper selection and plucking eyebrows forms

Every woman should take care of herself, much attention is paid to the person.What has not undertaken to maintain youthful skin, remove wrinkles, highlight specific features and, conversely, the masking flaws.Many procedures can be done at home, but nicer and better to trust in the hands of professionals.Let's talk about eyebrows.

plucking eyebrows - a regular procedure that uses any woman to remove unwanted hair.However, in most cases it is performed correctly.The thing is not only in a specific sequence: it is very important to choose the shape of eyebrows, that will make the most expressive face.

Before the procedure, you need to prepare everything you need: two-way mirror, which increases from one side, tweezers, disinfectant lotion and ice if you have very sensitive skin, or simply do not bear the pain.Pick a comfortable and well-lighted place, so you can see all the unwanted hairs.

Start plucking eyebrows with a tightening of the skin in the desired area, and then remove the hair, gripping t

weezers from the base.To prevent infection should be wiped with alcohol tweezers, cleanse your face and wash your hands thoroughly.Follow this procedure and when visiting the salon.

to result in the right eyebrow, do not save time, pulling at a time of a few hairs.Sudden movements pluck individually.To remove a little redness or swelling, as well as the suppression of pain, use one of the two opposite ways: hot compresses or ice.

correct eyebrows is best done by a professional in the home to come up with a suitable form is not necessary, especially if you decide to experiment.A visit to the beauty salon once a month will not be as burdensome, and everything else just the right time, need correction.

Yet many women spend plucking eyebrows and selection of form at home.For them, too, there are a few tips.First of all, it should be remembered that, for the oval shape of the face is better to choose the curved shape of the eyebrows, and to square the face better suited straight eyebrows.Businesses are guided in choosing the form of special lines passing through three points: the line held by the wing of the nose through the outer and inner corners of the eyes and ends at the intersection with the eyebrow.

Not to be mistaken with the removal of superfluous hair, use special applicators.If not, you can draw a perfect outline of the eyebrows cosmetic pencil.

Some women find that, depending on whether they have black eyebrows or light effect will be different.In fact, the main thing - to choose the shape and color, if desired, can be corrected with a special paint.Most often in the shops you can find three kinds of colors, which are obtained by using ash, brown and black eyebrows.

very important rule of the procedure is considered alternately plucking eyebrows.Only in this way can achieve the maximum symmetry.In addition, doctors do not recommend the removal of hairs from the upper side of the eyebrows, as this could lead to negative consequences for the skin.In fact, proper correction on the lower side does not require any movements in the upper zone.

Some women have fused eyebrows.Do not think that this in any way paints the face, on the contrary, it is at odds with the generally accepted standard of beauty.So women should work hard to pluck unwanted hairs.If necessary, if the next to the bridge of his nose hairs are too long and grow in different directions, you can use special scissors for trimming them.

no need to invent something new, if you are not confident in the result.Use the services of an expert who will do the right thing and tell you what to do in the future.