Eye Makeup for brunettes and redheads girls.

Each girl makes every effort to look spectacular.In a special way it transforms our cosmetics because it is there is a wide variety of textures and colors.But it is important to make-up was not only beautiful, but also moderate.With regard to the choice of colors, despite the wide range of colors, not all of them fit all the girls.In this respect, much easier burning brunette, because the use of saturated and bright colors in the makeup does not look provocative or vulgar.Eye Makeup for brunettes, as well as for all women is determined by their individual characteristics.

Brunettes may be different.Some have dark hair and green or blue eyes, others blue-black hair and the same eye color, some very dark, while others have a light skin color.All this must be considered when choosing eye makeup for brunettes.Therefore, several major groups and each group will offer your eye makeup for brunettes.

Eye Makeup for brunettes with dark skin, dark hair, brown, black or dark green eyes.

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plied to the skin tone that most closely matches the natural skin tone.It is possible to offer a bronze, ocher or tobacco shade.For this category of women should choose blush saturated colors as bright blush on their skin are invisible, or unnatural.You can opt for a dark peach, coral or bronze blush.For eye makeup, it is desirable to use a rich and vibrant shades of shadows, for example, black, purple or blue.Ideal double brown and gray shadows.Eye Contour use eyeliner and mascara rich black, thick eyelashes prokrashivaya.Mascara, mascara can make your eyes are expressive, and the color of eyelashes - saturated.During the day you can use shades of lip peach or coral, and in the evening - ruby ​​or bright red lipstick with shine.

Eye Makeup for brunettes with dark hair and light eyes.

As a rule, these brunettes lighter skin.Therefore, for tone and blush should choose golden beige, olive or light peach shade.In this case, you should avoid very bright shades.Regarding eye shadow such brunettes the choice is very wide, but it is also important to choose from more muted shades.Ideal for such suit their eyes color shades like gray, golden-bronze, green, you can experiment with pink and purple hues.In this case, it is not desirable to use a lot of black eyeliner.The best option would be a pencil or eyeliner gray-brown or dark brown color.During the day, makeup lipstick lips fit soft coral, beige or pink, and in the evening - ruby, red-brown, pink, plum lipstick.Many brunettes suit spectacular and mysterious oriental make-up.

red eye makeup for girls with blond hair and eyes.

In such hair like the sun lives, because they are cast in gold.As a rule, these girls eyes green, gray, blue or tea.Eye makeup for redheads girls should not be bright and defiant.Its main task - to emphasize the natural beauty of the "sun of women".For the eyes and eyebrows, it is desirable to use a pencil or liner anthracite or brown.Mascara Mascara brown perfectly emphasize the depth of your eyes.It is recommended to use a neutral, soft shades of shadows, for example, blue, beige, gold or gray.On desirable to apply lip glosses translucent caramel or coffee color.

Pick what you like to it, improvise, and based on the recommendations in the article, you can choose an individual and unique makeup.