Makeup for a gray-green eyes

necessary to appreciate its beauty and highlight it - this is known to every woman.But not everyone knows how to favorably present your eyes - your window to the soul.But the women are trying to do everything possible to look attractive and spectacular.This helps cosmetics.And I will focus on how to properly apply makeup for gray-green eyes.

fact, to choose the right makeup is necessary for success in beauty.There are a number of rules: how to apply makeup on the eyes, how to pick it up.That's about it, we'll talk.

Let's start with how to apply makeup on the eyes, a look at the application of the technique.

should be the most carefully applied basic shade on the eyelid, from the inner to the outer corner, and then folds up from the ground.First plot the shade under the brow light shades and darker applied to the crease at eye.With applicator shade shaded.It should be remembered that only need to shade up to ease your mind.Thus, it will not seem difficult.

When choosing makeup to consider your ind

ividual eye color.Let us examine what to choose makeup for gray-green eyes?It all depends on what goal you are pursuing, choosing makeup of certain colors.Makeup for the eyes - not easy, but very fertile science.Effective and high-quality makeup can transform a woman added to her extraordinary appeal.In addition, this eye color - it is a gift for makeup artists.They are delightful, mysterious beauty you can emphasize different shades of turquoise and shades of greenish-yellow color to the emerald and moss, etc.

Makeup for gray-green eyes the most diverse.For a romantic evening optimum use of the following options: Apply to upper eyelid shade of purple.Red-brown shade can be applied just below the crease of your eyelid.It is, so to speak, versatile option.What shade, or rather what shades will suit gray-green eyes?If you want to achieve visual increasing your eyes, apply the purple shadow.Do you want to create the effect of shining eyes, then why not apply forever shade of gray shades, having a green pencil from the inside of the eyelids.Give your eyes emerald possible using tёmno- blue.For daytime make-up, they tend to use lighter shades.For everyday makeup perfect shade of color olives or moss.

Owners gray-green eyes can choose for themselves the options for make-up, the following terms palette of colors and shades:

  1. White.
  2. Light green.
  3. pale pink.
  4. Terracotta.
  5. lemon.
  6. gentle lilac or blue.
  7. Gray.
  8. Brown.
  9. Reddish.
  10. Brass.

offered another option applying makeup to your eyes:

  1. you require lilac and pale pink shade.
  2. necessary to mix together the two shades and a good shade.
  3. Then we put them on the eyelids, ensuring uniform application of shadows in both eyes.
  4. then draw a black pencil light arrow on each eye.
  5. finishing touch - mascara lengthens and always black.

listed tips on makeup for gray-green eyes and the optimal fit for the majority of the girls with eye color, but do not limit yourself, experiment, try, pick colors directly interesting for you.And in the end I would like to announce a few tips:

better to replace the black eyeliner pencil in black and gray or chocolate brown.Visually enlarge your eyes will white or gold pencil.

solve the problem of short eyelashes and expressive eyes - mascara will lengthen the length of your lashes and give them a spectacular bend.

Choosing makeup for gray-green eyes, try to avoid the use of cool colors.