Eye makeup, phased application.

Upper class applying make-up manifested in the ability to apply makeup to the face so that a feeling, if it does not exist at all.This study more than a year, so let's talk about how to perform routine eye makeup, gradually understand the details of this art.

In this article, "eye makeup" phased consider rules imposing a make-up to achieve the effect unobtrusive.However, for the disco or evening options is permissible to use a bright makeup and dark eye makeup.

Eye Makeup step by step includes the following steps:

1. On the lid is applied to a small number of special gel or cream for the eyes.Use a gel or cream, suitable for daily use.Moisturizers are applied with maximum caution, because the eye skin is most vulnerable.After 3 minutes, when the agent is absorbed, remove the surplus with a paper towel, if possible, without stretching the skin at the same time.

2. Then, on the eyelid applied a thin layer of powder powder.This allows degreased and dry eyelids to shade better retain applied.

3. Further eyelid shadow applied, usually in small amounts.They should apply a thin layer, increasing the intensity gradually.The shades are selected according to your individual characteristics and preferences.It is advisable to apply the shade and shadows using a special brush to perform uniform transitions from one shade to another.

4. Supported shade can be a little powder to prolong the life of your makeup, without giving an opportunity to gather in the shadows crease.

5. Emphasize individuality and expressiveness of the eyes will help arrows made with a pencil or eyeliner.Eye makeup, painted in stages by us, does not set strict limits on when to put the arrow in pencil.It all depends on your individual wishes.Eyes can be supplied by cash or shades to their imposition.

6. It is important to pay special attention to the lashes as they should look carefully and do not stick together.Mascara should be applied from the roots of eyelashes to their ends, in the direction of eyelash growth.Applying the first coat of mascara should be dry before you start applying the second coat.

dark or smoky eye makeup is a fairly bold option that provides immediate effect.For its implementation the entire eyelid is covered by shadows medium intensity shade along the crease and the second layer, a deeper shade such as black onyx, midnight blue, etc.It ends with a thick layer of make-up applying mascara on the lashes.

For your beauty and youth, it is important to know and use not only the ways and methods of applying make-up, but also know that the removal of eye make-up allows you to relax and gain new energy to your skin.Therefore, pay attention to how to carry out the removal of eye make-up.

means by which you plan to remove make-up, you need to choose with great care so as not to harm the delicate skin around the eyes.Choosing the means necessary to consider your skin type, and remember that in the eyes of the skin is more dry than in other areas of the face.It is recommended to use a special lotion or cream intended for removing makeup.These funds are not only safe to remove makeup from your eyes, but also nourish the skin lacking moisture.

For oily skin age can use foam or gel, intended for removing makeup.For dry, allergy-prone skin age should use a special lotion with anti-allergenic properties.Often used napkins and oil to remove eye makeup.All this is perfectly acceptable, but should pick up individual means directly under your skin type.

Do not use tap water for washing, because it is hard and has a negative impact on the skin, it is best to use mineral, thermal or boiled water.