Bolo tie - a stylish element of the wardrobe

Men's ties are an essential attribute of a formal style, so it's important to know the basic rules of how and what to wear.From what wearing a tie, as he is in harmony with the suit and the type of person who wears it often depends, to win, ultimately, the entire image or irredeemably flawed.

In the classic version, it should cover some belt buckle, his wide end can be 7-10 cm below the waist, but no more, and tucked into a narrow loop on the back of the wide end.

optimum width of this accessory for official meetings and receptions - from 9 to 11 cm, ideally it should be equal to the width of lapels and ties are narrow in width are better suited for parties, for a more informal setting.

interesting variety is the bolo tie, is especially popular with Americans.In the modern version, it is a leather strap with a clip in the form of a brooch or interesting node.

Traditionally bolo tie is considered a summer accessory, and wear it with a plaid shirt or dress in jeans style.By default, it is a symbo

l of a certain freedom from the strict office style.Wearing appropriate and tasteful elegance, he translates and chic, giving its owner "dzhentelmentnost" and leaving unnoticed.

Please note that shirts in dark colors suit bright accessories, such as a metal buckle, and a light-colored shirts will look perfectly dark tie bolo.

Today, this kind of ties longer popular in States: Texas and Arizona, where the indigenous population - the real cowboys.European and Russian men treat them cooler, preferring still classic versions or even their absence.

wear bolo tie is possible, leaving the loose ends over a shirt, but you can tuck them between the buttons, while the attention will focus exclusively on brooches, usually made of metal, wood or stone.When buying it should be noted that the "original" can only be American-made, and not the Chinese.

Speaking of ties in general, today the element of the wardrobe is hardly exclusively male.Many women, skillfully combining the tie in their way, will only benefit.At the same strict rules of setting the accessory is virtually absent: it can be anything you want color, combining, for example, shoes, and tighten it under the throat is not necessarily, on the contrary, what he is freer to unbuttoned at the top few buttons of his shirt, the more sexyIt looks like its owner.In addition, it can be used as a belt for trousers, beautifully draped ends.

If the strict dress code, black tie, wearing a white shirt, suit fine saves from the banal and bored a combination of "white top, black bottom."This option is suitable even for business meetings.

However, it should pay attention to the material from which the product is made, preferring natural expensive fabrics.