What to choose as a gift son?

Any mother is going through a child's birthday with genuine awe and delight.To the celebration has not lost its charm and magic, each of the first aims to present an original gift to his son.14 years - it's quite a difficult period for the boys, at this age the child is not easy to please.


gift does not have to be material, and even more dorogushchim.Each mother is well-versed in the outlook of their offspring, so, little boy picking a present, it will be guided by the degree of emotional euphoria that can cause one or the show.Many resolved to give his son a poem for 14 years, without thinking about how such a surprise can affect the self-esteem of the child.

First of all, like interlocking rhyme makes most boys association with girlish mischief.14-year-old kids are by nature rebels, and craving for beauty in their age - more weakness than a virtue.Choosing poetic compliments, should give preference to the comic and slightly rowdy quatrains.So all parties will benefit, and the kid will b

e something to share with friends.

Giving adventure

Every teenager dreams of a dynamic adventure, so flying in the wind tunnel - a wonderful gift to his son.14 years old - too young age for skydiving, so the flight simulator will be a profitable alternative to a dangerous occupation.Decides it is in the event that son has a craving for the sport and it does not have any phobia.

How fun birthday of the son?14 years - a period of transition in a child's life.Therefore, at this time you need to give him more pleasant emotions.

last five or six years have become popular in the world of huskies and malamutes, dog sleds with these wonderful dogs are incredibly popular.Take a trip at any time of the year.Harnesses designed for a few people passing elaborated on certain routes.This birthday will be remembered not only the birthday, but also his team.

Modern souvenir shops offer a huge selection box of surprises for home parties.Inside the secret boxes hidden games and sets the rules for them.Calculated entertainment for the company up to 40 people, so everyone will find something in the collective fun.

Present geek

Gifts son of 14 years, if the guy an avid programmer?The question is quite simple.Wealth computer store allows to roam even the most loving mom.A good gift to his son, the hacker will be USB-hub with two ports and the usual one for the reader.Making miracle hub diverse - it may be a truck or rarity car model.Futuristic look USB-hubs in the form of spacecraft and space shuttles.The price of such podarochki low, and the functionality is big enough.

the Computer genius can pick up another lucrative gift - a wooden, beautifully polished archive to CD-ROM drive.It can store important data.The size of these archives - about 17 cm, which allows you to store find place in any free place on the table.Many manufacturers offer a gift engraved supplement that can be done on a metal plate or a single piece of wood.


Mega gift for synuli apprentice becomes a portable pen with memory function written text.All written it can then print from your computer, which will undoubtedly make life easier for the student.The main rule of writing gadget is excellent handwriting: the legible letters, the better the material is stored.


piggy bank in the form of a cat-thief - a perfect gift to his son.14 years - it is quite wayward age, most boys are starting to save money on their fun.Therefore, such a present will be the undisputed leader of gifts.Mechanism cat piggy bank arranged by the type of mail box.While being on a plate put a coin, there is shelter from the cardboard muzzle and paw prompt, which pulls a trifle in his kingdom.Powered piggy bank by two standard batteries.

Gift sporty boy

cyclist useful LED lamp.They will add to travel effectively.The lamp has about 12 patterns of color that gradually changed every 4-5 seconds.Activation works are motion detectors and light sensors.Turning light effects occur only at night and drive at a speed of not less than 20 kilometers per hour, which saves power consumption of the lamp.


So, son of 14 years, congratulations to the parents and relatives for a long time have become more serious and well-founded, but a festive cake remains excellent refreshments.Garnish with delicacy can be spectacular 3D-figures of the birthday boy.Order 12 cm can be a miracle in modern interiors digital photos, where experienced craftsmen will present a lineup of photographs in such volume.The proportionality of all parts will be the most realistic figures.

That this can make an original gift to his son 14 years.Sweet Present are sure to enjoy your tomboy.


Choose a gift son creative but practical.It is not necessary to give the birthday brand new sweater or pants.Such things a child can get in other holidays and personal celebration of a child's soul is required to fill this boyish joy.