Nice words for girls or girls like ears

Boys never admit that they, too, love the compliments.But, be honest, do not you like to hear what you - the most powerful, sexy, caring?You can not shake his head negatively: even if you do not want to admit, it's still wrong.Truth proved psychologists.So, ladies also love compliments.Nice words for the girls often matter more than the stubborn pursuit or prolonged courtship.However, not all are equally good compliments.Therefore, trying to win the attention of a beautiful stranger or a childhood friend, learn from time to time (preferably as often as possible) to praise it.Choose the most pleasant word for the girl simply.It is only necessary to adhere to very simple rules.

How to say nice, gentle words girl

  • First of all, choose the right moment.If the girl is busy with something in a hurry or want to be alone, it is unlikely you will hear.
  • honest.If a girl feels false, it can permanently offended or even sever relations.
  • use modern technology.Nice words for girls can not only speak at the meet
    ing, but also to send SMS or MMS.If you want to make a special impression, you can even create a video.

nice words for the girl.What are they like?

can, of course, looks to extol his lady.Sure, it would also be nice, but ... corny.It is better to think of such expressions which concern her personality, the soul, the inner world.It underlines how your life has changed after meeting with her.The following quote several templates.It is not necessary to learn them by heart, it is better to convey these ideas in their own words.

  • I regret that we have not met.So many years have passed in vain.
  • When you appeared, I first realized what happiness is.
  • You showed me what soul mates - this is not fiction.
  • You know me better than I myself understand myself.
  • You make me strive for the best.I want to become a smarter, cleaner, kinder.
  • I do not imagine my life without you.
  • You showed me that life has meaning: it's you.
  • You know, you see, all my friends envied me.

Sometimes you can say a few words about the girl's appearance, but it is not necessary to do it right.It is better to use phrases like:

  • You wonder gracefully moving (dancing, etc.)
  • When I think of touching your hair, my stomach flowers bloom.
  • I can look at you forever.And I still do it a little.
  • surprising: the color of your eyes as the clear spring sky.
  • You're absolutely not thick.I hate skinny girls.And you're so Ladnaya, seductive.
  • You could pick any guy because you're so beautiful.I'm so happy that you chose to just me.

sure to pick up a nice word for a girl to wish her good morning or good night.

  • imagine, I kissed the pillow in the morning.It still keeps your scent.
  • hear your voice in the morning and the whole day was in a good mood.

know some youths consider these words slabodushie.Well, let them remain in ignorance, and the other guys are decent girls and fascinate them with his love.