A hat with a wide brim - is for everybody!

Summer Hair desirable to protect from direct sunlight.A hat with a wide brim - trendy accessory of the summer season.Also, this article of clothing is most girls.The main thing - to take into account some of the features of your face in the selection, and then the man simply can not tear admiring gaze of neatly framed golf cap female face.Elegant accessory came into vogue in the XV century in France, but this was due more to the need: people used to pour out the slops from the windows.Today, first of all, is the style attribute, which can not be neglected.

interested in wide-brimmed hats?

slender and tall girl will look particularly impressive if her head is a hat with a wide brim.But this does not mean that the small increase in the fair sex will play in this way.If the girl wears tight clothes care, it is not necessary to supplement their image of this accessory, because it enlarges the figure.Particularly attractive looks tanned lady in a broad-brimmed hat.But if you are fair-skinned by nature,

this cap is unlikely to emphasize your strengths, especially if it is cold color.Sun hat with a wide brim great personages with a rectangular outline of the face.And-faced beauty, too, may be a good look in the headdress, only if they are too low to pull his forehead.

Buying hat

When choosing the model be sure to look at yourself in a full-length - a hat with a wide brim requires special attention to the observance of proportions.An important rule: it must shade the face, leaving open the tip of the nose - this style was especially popular in the 70s of the last century.A hat to shade was successful, note the following nuances:

  • blonde ladies do not fit the model beige, flesh, yellow and powdery shades.It is necessary to look at the gray, black, red, ink model.
  • Redheads do not have to wear red hats and contrasting green, blue, turquoise, cream hats emphasize the shade of hair.
  • Brunettes not recommended to choose a hat of the same color as the hair.Stay choice of white, beige, blue, light green shades.A brown-haired
  • pay attention to the bright colors, as eloquently photo hat with a wide brim to the owners of brown hair.Red, blue or orange version will naturally complement the old image.

image of a wide-brimmed hat

Literate approach to the choice of model - half the battle, but not least, you need to carefully apply to the creation of a holistic image.A hat with a wide brim, of course, would be ideal complement the image of a beach that can only consist of swimsuits and sarongs.Also impressive headdress will be combined with skirts or summer dresses to the floor.Included with the things of youth style you might get unusual rebellious image.And in cold weather hat perfectly complement the classic jacket, coat or a coat in the English style.Tie the top of the stole - and bohemian ready!