Favorite compliments girls: boys tips

Of course, the information about what girls favorite compliments guys should be used more often to be found on most pages of glossy magazines.

Many of the authors of articles on how to win the heart of ladies using kind words and praise, it is believed that the more artsy and pretentious is a compliment, the more chances to win the attention quickly the fairer sex.However, it is not so!

you absolutely do not know what your favorite compliments must say the girls to like?The main thing - it does not flatter.Insincere praise it, as they say, "can smell a mile away" and really do not like it.

If you recently started dating a young lady, and every five minutes, tell her that she had the most beautiful eyes and the most radiant smile, know that although it is the girls favorite compliments, but they can be perceived ambiguously.Some girls may think that you are an experienced womanizer and "ladies' man", and this is another trick of your verbal order to "drag" the girl in the bed.

Know favorite compliments the girls - those which by their design as simple as possible, and most importantly, they must be said frankly.The intricate phrases can be misunderstood.

In particular, if a guy says, "Your hair are silky and shiny, like a horse's mane."It is very likely that she will think, if it is compared with the horse.

must also consider the fact that a great many of the fairer sex has a variety of facilities and "overdo it" with complements and should not be.If, for example, the young man will say something like: "You're so smart!", The girl may think as follows: "He said I was an intellectual, so I'm actually an elementary boring."

Personally deployed compliments appropriate to say that you know a woman is not the first month.

Young people males should understand that young lady nice words should be pronounced "with a sense of," namely, investing in them all their accumulated emotions.In particular, the phrase "you are very attractive", should be replaced on "I'm from you in admiration," and pleasant words such as "I dreamed all week for a meeting with you" will please the fairer sex is much more than "you have a great blouse -she comes to you. "

If you managed to get the phone number of the young ladies, they begin to express their feelings in writing, that is, send SMS compliments girlfriend.She certainly appreciate it.This is not prohibited from engaging in construction slozhnosochinennogo phrases, but "go to extremes" and write pompous and pretentious phrases is not recommended.

best compliment his girlfriend - are those that are told in the diminutive form, for example: "You are my sweet hare", "you have me such a wonderful, my sweet caramel."

should not rely on the fact that produce a stunning effect on the girl phrases like "Your smile is so bright and radiant, even the clouds in the sky today went."She may think that this is "home-made" and therefore, the spoken words are false.