Psychology of relationships: what girl to write her to smile

Situations in life are different between lovers.Often, of lovers, but how to make up - do not know.Sometimes some of them are sad mood, and how quickly pick it up, the partners do not come to mind.But you never know!Let's imagine a couple here and think about how young people can be helped.

SMS to the rescue

What to write the girl so she smiled?And why write?Probably, because if the lovers quarreled seriously with a personal communication better to wait - let passion poutihnut.But the trial "swallow the world" in the form of SMS-ki can send.What is the message to make?Maybe something like this offer: "Honey, you can see how the sky overcast?This is because you frowning.Come on, I missed the sun.Guess for what! "You see, to answer the question of what to write the girl so she smiled, quite simply.The main thing - invest in his words a little more warmth and sincerity.As a rule, good works, and the following sentence: "The native, I know - you do not know how to get angry for a long time!I'm already

mentally draw your smile.Confirm that I am not mistaken! ", Etc.And if between lovers all right, and you just want to do something nice for the native little man?Then fit VMS other content.In this case, the girl what to write?So she smiled, it will be enough funny smiley faces with the meaning "whole", "love", "circle of the head."Or pictures of kitten, chicken, and the caption: "It's you for me."Suit smileys with ice cream - just think of them something like: "Your kisses are the same tasty, sweet, nice."And finally, what to write the girl so she smiled and looked forward to your date?Tell that it will be a surprise - a cute, charming and wonderful as it is, the object of your dreams, and dreams.The main thing - be creative and come up with something original.Modern young ladies quite experienced in dealing with the opposite sex.Although every nice if she has signs of attention guy who really likes.How to write an SMS to the girl she smiled?Another suggestion: "Honey, I'm here beside.No, do not look around.Look into your heart.Well, hello! "Do not worry, it melts from such recognition.

inscription on the pavement

There is another great opportunity to make it clear to his passion, the feelings you are experiencing it.Write your message on the pavement under the windows of her apartment or at the door of the house.Can you just draw a bunch, let primitive as you can.And escorted by his words: "No matter how many beautiful flowers on the ground, none of them can match with my favorite."Or here's what to write to the girl smiled: "It is better you do not have anyone in the world!" Draw the sun, and inside the circle write the name of his girlfriend - she will understand what you want to tell her this symbol.Or another sign: "My sun - it's you!"Not bad, and it will look the same again recognized as the sun, where the rays - tipped arrows inside.Circle - its name, and near rays - sweet words: sweet, wonderful, extraordinary, wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, best.

Be kind and considerate to each other and try to please the girl more than pleasant moments!