The script matchmaking - will allow to decorate the feast of the birth of a new family

Nowadays, few who follow the traditions of courtship before marriage.Now this is quite enough for the consent of the bride, sometimes even without the intervention of the parents.But as the wedding - this is a very important celebration in the life of the bride and groom, why not pre-arrange matchmaking, following the traditions of our grandfathers and great grandfathers.Thoughtful matchmaking script will allow it to make the summit.

once solved all the parents who have the right to refuse neponravilos groom them without discussing the matter with her daughter.This situation was the law in each family, and the parents contradict her daughter had no right.

interesting to organize the matchmaking of the bride, the scenario may be, for example, so.After discussion at the family council of custom parts with the parents and godparents, the bride sends the girl's home matchmakers in which role all the same godparents or other close relatives.Their main task - to achieve the consent of the girl's parents

to send her to marry their groom.

For example, at the beginning of the script matchmaking involves compliance with certain peculiar rites and customs.In the house of the groom matchmakers plant on the chair and tie his legs and behind his back matchmakers throw worn shoes.It's to the bride's parents did not give the answer.

Before leaving the house the two men kneel at the icons, and wiping them with a clean towel, read wedding conspiracy.This will ensure the future of the couple happily together years of his life in love and harmony.

in the bride's home matchmakers sit on a chair so that your feet flat on the path that leads to the door of the house.And start calling parents about these words: "We - the merchants, and you have a product we really need."Then the script matchmaking develops in line with casual cheerful conversation about the groom, of what he is good, wonderful, perfect as a bride.

After that owners of the house invite guests to the "negotiating table", that cover and serve better in the style of the time, when observed all the traditions of this custom.You can instead of the normal to the table spoons of wood and serve hot dishes are not in a plate, and in clay pots.

After discussing the details of the wedding as it provides matchmaking script, arranged bride groom.Then let the girl's parents to prepare in advance the things that they will show as a dowry.Now comes the turn of the bride's parents praise her, talking about her kindness, beauty, household.

If both sides are satisfied, then discussed the date of the wedding, and then all go home.

Or, for example, many suitable script matchmaking is much simplified.After obtaining the consent of the bride, the groom comes to her house, buying gifts to parents in advance and flowers girl and her mother.Then, standing on one knee, he asks for her hand.He tells her parents about what he is reliable, responsible, how much he loved their daughter and will take care of her.After that, the girl's father bandaging the hands of bride and groom.Next - a cheerful feast enthusiastically discuss the upcoming joint life lovers.During the break, the groom makes a formal proposal of marriage and gives the bride a ring.

matchmaking script from the bride is not particularly different from being hosted by the groom's suit.Going to the bride to the groom's house, the bride with her close relatives should also not forget to purchase gifts for the family of her future husband.Required attribute - a beautiful bouquet of flowers directly to his future in-laws.Then everything goes well in the bustling and cheerful feast with songs and jokes.And the result - appointment of the wedding date.