How to stop vomiting in children?

How to stop vomiting in children?This is probably one of the most serious problems faced by young parents.After vomiting, anyway, it is evidence of serious irregularities in the body.However, before taking any action, you should find out why it occurred at all.

causes of vomiting in children

When it comes to breast child, but vomiting is not accompanied by any other symptoms, the reason may lie in the underdeveloped muscle between the esophagus and the stomach.This should not cause parents worry - it happens quite often, and about to the age of one year, this will develop the muscle itself.Other reasons why a child started vomiting, - food poisoning, overheating or banal overfeeding.But if the vomiting is accompanied by fever, diarrhea and other unpleasant symptoms, most likely in the child's body penetrated infection, and without the help of experts to deal with it will not turn out.


Let's move on to how to stop vomiting in children.First of all, you need to calm the child and let

him know that you know what to do, and soon help him overcome the illness.The constant anxiety caused by unpleasant sensations unknown, will provoke more and more vomiting.

The first thing you need to know - that in the process of vomiting child's body loses huge amounts of liquid.As a result, it may be dehydrated.It is important to prevent this.This can be done via a sugar-salt solution - the old and trusted by many generations of folk remedy.To prepare it, it is necessary to boil a liter of water and then dissolved therein dessert teaspoon salt and eight times more sugar.Be sure to watch over the observance of these proportions.Prepare a solution should regularly drink the child.There is a possibility that as a result of receiving funds vomiting stops.

There are also specific recommendations on how to stop vomiting in children with food poisoning.To do this, you need to perform gastric lavage.To start you need a good baby drink, let him drink about 0.5 liters of boiled water.It can be in the water to add a small amount of pounded charcoal (enough for half a tablespoon).Once the child is ready, you need to gently press the finger at the base of his tongue.This action will cause the child to vomit.Repeat it should be as long as the stomach is completely cleared.Then, if vomiting does not stop, you need to drink a light baby brine or soda (half a dessert spoon in a glass of substances boiled water).

Of course, if the child vomits, folk remedies can help.However, if your child still feels unwell, try as quickly as possible to call a doctor who will be able to ascertain the cause of violations and assign the appropriate treatment for your case.

Now you know how to stop vomiting in children.Health to you and your family!