What should be the child to kindergarten?

So it's time to send your child to the first in his life upbringing and educational institution.He will be there alone, under the supervision of qualified personnel, but will not appear next to mom and dad.Most parents once there is a panic, "How small to cope?".Do not worry, the children quickly adapted.Your task - to try to provide all the necessary baby.And then a lot of questions, including: what should be the child to kindergarten?

Of course, much depends on the age of the crumbs: younger than he is, the more he will need a change of clothes.But remain unchanged following conditions:

  • things need to be comfortable that the child could not take them off, put on, fasten or unfasten without assistance;
  • they have to be beautiful;
  • easily brought into order;
  • have a sticker or a badge with the name.

get an idea about the requirements for quality clothes, consider a list of what you need in the garden your child:

  • package with extra things: two shirts or tee shirt with short sleeves, two short
    s, tights, socks, pants orshorts with a jumper for a boy, dress or blouse with a skirt for girls;
  • clothes for walking depending on the season: rubber boots, waterproof trousers, coveralls, mittens or gloves;
  • another package with waterproof bag for dirty clothes;
  • for children from nursery or a younger group will need a waterproof bib, which is worn during meals;
  • sportswear and footwear (Gym shoes) for the physical education of children of the senior groups;
  • indoor shoes with closed heel, for kids amiss simple slippers, and more adults who know how to handle buckle, fit sandals.

So, we found that generally lies in the lockers in children.Naturally, every institution may be submitted and the additional list of what you need to kindergarten child.For example, some of the older guys institutions group for an afternoon nap need pajamas.And for a special form of music lessons.It was easy to see by looking at the website of the institution or contact directly.

In addition, it is worth thinking about what you need your child to kindergarten for the holidays.From time to time will be different mornings, and your baby should look accordingly.Boys should buy a bow tie, white socks and shirt, dark vest, shorts or trousers.Girls need tights and white elegant dress.

also a very important point - the psychological side of the question of what should be a child in kindergarten, so he quickly made himself at home and felt comfortable.Since the baby has never remained long without loved ones, it makes sense:

  • in the early days to leave the kid no more than 2-3 hours, gradually increasing his time in the children's collective;
  • invite him to take a favorite toy: hand with something familiar, he will feel more confident.

Now that you are informed and you still have time left, you can prepare in advance, not to worry at the thought: "So, we go to the garden ... What is needed in the first place ?!".