Pink deprive a child: the treatment gives good results

appearance of rough spots on the skin may indicate that it is a pink shingles.The child treatment of this disease should spend a dermatologist.Though this kind of depriving considered non-hazardous, non-contagious and sometimes goes away, the diagnosis should be a specialist to exclude other diseases dermaticheskih.

Pink zoster in children: symptoms

Often the child does not express any complaints, because the spot is not itchy and sore.Parents mistakenly believe that this is an allergic reaction.However, about a week on the skin appear smaller in diameter spot.By the way, they may be located far from the plaque, which arose first.Subsequent eruptions tend to slightly scratched.

Basically this disease affects people 10 to 40 years.Other age groups are much less likely to face the same problem.Why is that?Doctors can not give this issue a clear answer.And is difficult to determine the causes of diseases such as pityriasis rosea the child to be treated passes, usually without causing any difficultie


Doctors noted that very rarely symptoms similar to colds, can occur a few days before the first plaque.Spot has a color from light pink to purple shades (depending on color).Basically there is a region of the housing or on the thighs.Other parts of the body are also not an exception.But such cases have been reported very rarely.I should add that the cases of depriving more frequent in spring and autumn periods.What is the pink lichen (photo) in children, all parents need to know.This facilitates timely access to a dermatologist.

Pink deprive a child: the treatment

As is known, the correct treatment should begin with the diagnosis.She holds a dermatologist by visual assessment of lesions.To confirm the diagnosis and rule out other types of diseases do scrapings from the affected areas.It is necessary to be sure, as the pink lichen similar to ringworm, psoriasis or eczema.

Once diagnosed specialist prescribes treatment, which will depend on the number of lesions.If stains cause itching, then the doctor prescribes medication in the form of ointments or syrup which have a soothing effect - antihistamines.

Usually, pink deprive a child of his treatment and diagnosis, do not cause difficulties experienced professionals.However, the healing process can take several months.For therapeutic purposes, using the impact of light rays on the skin.In the spring or summer recommended sunbathing.In the cold season, a doctor conducts sessions of UV exposure to the affected areas.These procedures are carried out strictly under the supervision of a specialist.

I still do not know the exact cause of the pink lichen.Presumably, at risk are people with weakened immune systems who have had a severe infectious disease or subjected to hypothermia.Protect yourself and your kids!