Pearl Gourami: reproduction and maintenance of fish

Pearl gourami fish native to Indochina.It lives in shallow ponds overgrown islands of Indonesia and Thailand.


species in captivity length of the fish is less than 12 centimeters.Painting it is very interesting.Gourami has a silver body color with a purple hue.On its sides there is a large number of regularly arranged spots and speckles of white, resembling scattered pearls.In appearance, the fish looks very impressive.Placed on her body caudal, dorsal and gill fins are the same color with a pearly shine.

During spawning pearl gourami is even more elegant.We fish an intense violet coloring, making the point "pearl" acquire a bright shine.In male breast, the lower area of ​​the gill covers and the anal fin to the tail get bright orange color.

difference is the female from the male, as with other types of gourami, that in females shorter dorsal fin and a circular shape its tip.The male has a sharp dorsal fin extending to the tail.It is distinguished from the females and more bright co


Pearl Gourami - very shy fish.In contrast to the blue and spotted species, it is sensitive to water pollution and habitat change in temperature.Gourami are peaceful and get along well with other kinds of aquarium inhabitants.After receiving abundant food fish are or are floating in the upper layers of the water, and they almost do not rise over ambient air.Gourami do not like bright light in the aquarium and is therefore trying to hide in the bush.The floating fish feeds taken from the bottom or water surface.

Pearl gourami: content

fish can be kept in small containers, densely planted with plants.The water in the aquarium should be clean and have a temperature of about 23 degrees, and the fish house to be a bit light.The optimum depth of the tank for maintenance gourami is 35 cm. Carrying water aeration is not required.As feed gourami prefers bloodworm and dry, and it is better - to live daphnia.

Reproduction gourami

Like other labyrinth fish, gourami can spawn at a temperature no lower than 20 degrees.For a relaxing spawning tank should be moved to a secluded place near where people do not walk, it can also be from the outside to close.During the breeding season the aquarium should put a couple of thick bushes, in which the female could hide from the male during spawning.

usually male prepares the nest on their own on the water surface, consisting of air bubbles, but it happens that the pearl gourami spawn without nest.Then the grain caviar spread out across the surface of the water, which gives fewer fry.In one litter of spawning is from 60 to 210 eggs.

easiest to obtain offspring from just ripe young couple.In normal development, the fish become mature after eight months, sometimes the development is delayed up to 14 months.From individuals get older offspring fail.Gourami, which were delayed until the eggs one year of age, able to produce 4-5 litters with 10-day intervals, then they cease to proliferate.

pipping eggs takes place two days after spawning.At this time they are still weak and small, with the yolk bladder that helps them to live up to three days.Then you can start feeding the fry infusoria, and five days later - let them sift through frequent live net dust.If this feed is not available, the fry are fed yogurt, which was washed with pure water from the whey.Feed should be every three hours, increasing the portion of the growth of the fish.