Tiger barbs: the description, the maintenance and reproduction

Of all the species diversity barbs, which are currently kept in aquariums, the Sumatran is the most common."Sail" in our aquariums Sumatra tiger barb unassuming in content, easy to breeding and peace in relation to the other inhabitants of the water kingdom.In addition, it has a very attractive appearance and funny behavior.

Description This is a small aquarium fish, in the nature of the size of its reach 7 centimeters, in aquariums as it grows to 4-5 cm, not more.Barbus is flattened laterally body is golden brown, which are four black vertical stripes.The dorsal fin is also painted in jet black color and is edged by a bright red border.The rest of the fins in the male tiger barb is also red, the females they paler and have a pinkish color.Golden body color barb received from nature, as for the other colors - such as red or emerald green, they are a consequence of the artificial breeding of fish.

Aquarium maintenance

tiger barb loves space and an abundance of vegetation, so it is necessary to k

eep it in large aquariums, where in addition to plants, there is also the availability of land for swimming.In addition, barb - fish flocking, for this reason, in one tank should be at least 7-8 animals, which requires volume capacity of 50 liters or more.The soil should be dark, because light ground tiger barb quickly fades, loses its bright color.The third part of the volume of liquid in the tank must be replaced weekly, pH of water must be maintained at a neutral level.Also required constant aeration, filtration, and maintaining the water temperature at 23 degrees.

Appetite barbs, it should be noted excellent.They absorb the same pleasure as lively and dry food, and is not particularly priverednichaya and without requiring exquisite menu.However, the diet should be balanced, it is desirable to give preference to a live feed, whose content in food should always be more than sixty percent.

tiger barbs can have forever, so it is better to give food in small portions, and once a week to arrange fasting all day.And be sure to watch carefully to ensure that the aquarium was not fry.Although barbs and do not belong to the category of predators, yet, being great lovers of dense meal, they never give up the opportunity once again to eat, even if careless fry.


tiger barbs reach sexual maturity by the seventh month of life, and they can spawn in the community tank.However, due to the fact that the eggs and fry are almost immediately eaten by other fish, breeding barbs conveniently carried out in a specially designated for this purpose tank of small volume.

month before the start of spawning females and males seated and well fed live food (though trying to avoid overeating).Then ready-to-spawn fish are transplanted to the aquarium, spawning, which is necessary to prepare in advance: put on the bottom of the small-leaved plants, pressing them special separator grid, to bring the water temperature up to 28 degrees.If manufacturers are placed in spawning in the evening, the morning starts spawning, which lasts about three hours.Parents need to remove from the aquarium immediately after spawning, otherwise they immediately begin to reinforce their own power offspring.

two days after spawning begins pipping eggs, and on the fourth day the fry emerge, which are already able to on their own, and very cheerfully eat.As kids grow unevenly, the largest individuals without compunction could bite its less powerful siblings, so the fry need to constantly sort.

As aquarium fish, barbs are of great interest for fans.If they do not overfeed, comply with the conditions of detention and to change the stagnant water often, these handsome rogues will live long and pleasing their owners.