Lashes and care for them.

lashes come to us from Hollywood.For years, this procedure was not available for a wide range of clients.Currently, its popularity has been increasing.Lashes not only provide aesthetic effect, but also practical, because they can solve multiple problems.Thanks to them, eliminating the need to spend money and time on the imposition and removal of carcasses, they do not require special care, while you do not paint flow, if you suddenly burst into tears.The most important thing - that there is no need to change the habitual way of life, you can use the sauna, steam room, swimming pool.And the effect that they will provide, will amaze all who are around you.
At the time, until you impose lashes, and this period can be 1-3 hours, you can relax, get away for a while from the daily hustle and bustle.

The time spent on this procedure depends on what you want to get a result.Correction takes less than an hour.Natural eyelashes for such procedures should be clean and free of make-up, as well as oily makeup remo

ver.The whole procedure is carried out building with closed eyes, which ensures their safety.For the full capacity required to 40 lashes per eye - it allows you to create a natural and a natural look.
not be resorted to curl lashes before the procedure and after.Light eyelashes possible to build a special paint black paint, but you can not do this because the glue, which are glued lashes, black and completely envelops his cilium in adhering to it artificial.
medical contraindications for such a procedure does not.Even those who wear contact lenses can be worn quite well Naroscheny cilia.Your natural eyelashes after removing lashes did not suffer.Artificial cilia cilium is attached to your using a special adhesive is hypoallergenic, which itself breaks down over time, so the artificial cilia disappear, not to injure your.Natural cilia live 90 days, and dropping it disappears along with the graft.Therefore, natural lashes after removal of extension did not suffer, and their change - is a natural process.Within 90 days of changing your entire ciliary row.
Poresnichnoe capacity usually lasts about 3-4 weeks.Corrects artificial eyelashes need 2-4 weeks.Thus, you will ensure the maintenance of uniform lash line.Correction of artificial eyelashes made by sticking new cilia to the newly grown its cilia on the site dropped.
To remove eye lashes artificial means must be used to remove the lashes.This procedure usually takes less than an hour, but to fulfill it is desirable in the cabin, which produces extensions, since the master for the removal is going to use the tool for removing the lashes, you want it for your eyelashes, because he knows exactly what meansproduced buildup.

Despite the fact that such funds can be purchased independently for the removal of cilia, contact the experts in order not to harm their eyes and eyelashes.

There is a category of people who wish to avoid such a procedure:

- People with sensitive eyes.

- People with excessive tearing.

- People suffering from blepharitis or conjunctivitis.

- People with oily skin age.

How should I care for graft eyelashes?As a rule, there is no need special care for the eyelashes, but it is important to observe a number of recommendations:

  • Do not use eye products that contain fatty creams and oils, as they destroy the glue.
  • After applying eyelashes do not soak them for 24 hours.Using
  • means "long life lashes" you will extend the durability of adhesive and create a protective layer.
  • cilia can not paint waterproof mascara.
  • not remove themselves cilia.