Cosmetic Clinics - a guarantee of beauty and safety

Clinique Cosmetics - a relatively new line, which became known only in 1968.Its name suggests that all drugs and products are being tested in a clinical setting, with the active participation of specialists and dermatologists have the characteristics of high security for the health of users.Excellent reputation, which earned Clinique cosmetics, based on the opinions of millions of women who prefer to look not only beautiful, but natural and healthy, spending a minimum of effort and time.

Cosmetic Clinic offers the following advantages compared to competing products from other companies producing luxury cosmetics:

  • has guaranteed antiallergic properties, confirmed by dermatological tests.No
  • flavors in this cosmetic composition contains no lines.
  • in testing for allergies with the release of new products involved no less than 600 volunteers.Those agents that cause at least some doubts about the safety for human health, go to the improvement and refinement of qualitative composition.

Clinique Cosmetics produces cream, powders, gels, shampoos and other personal care products in a wide range.Arsenal women to pay attention to the brand, is always full of interesting and innovative notions, which are rich in products of this famous company.Particularly relevant this cosmetic line in the summer, when the skin is in need of special protection from the harmful effects of the environment.These tools include sunscreen Clinique, created a new formula using information technology.This cream is unique in that it is three times more intensively protect the skin from harmful ultraviolet rays than conventional cosmetics that direction.Light stability sunscreens increase the skin's ability to resist the harmful radiation alone.

Sunscreen and Clinics is unique in its composition.It is easy, most grease, does not clog pores and is suitable for even the skin is highly sensitive to components of other cosmetics.Subject to the instructions and tools applied a thin layer on your face for 15-20 minutes before sun exposure, the user fully secures their health.Being in the sun for a long time and periodically applying this cream every 2 hours, a person retains a beautiful color and a nice tan.Cream economical.To cover the entire body requires only 30 grams of funds.

Another brand worthy of attention - a loose powder Clinics.It is the perfect tool for makeup.Its main advantage in versatility.It is suitable for any skin type, exactly lays down on the surface, giving a nice matte finish face, it does not affect the natural healthy look.Disadvantages are no longer visible, the face becomes fresh and acquires refinement and well appointed.

Clinique Loose powder has anti-allergic properties, absorbs excess fat, removing the unpleasant sheen.When it is used as a base for make-up, the application of tonal powder occurs without rolling, flat and smooth.Shades of loose powder and a lot of problems in the selection of suitable women does not arise.It prevents peeling, no smell and soothes the skin.Sold complete with a special brush, which causes the powder in the right quantity, avoiding excesses and saving it.

the wonderful characteristics deserve any Clinique cosmetics.This is the future of cosmetics.