Dye for eyebrows and eyelashes: what you should know before you use it

every woman lives a desire to be so nice to her after all the men turned around.And there's no use of cosmetics can not do.Shadows caused, walked pencil, mascara eyelash make up, eyebrows painted on, distributed lipstick, that's all - the mirror is indescribable beauty.But how does this tedious to do every day!And as time goes, until all the manipulations done by.Of course, on the make-up not going anywhere, but to facilitate its application process is still possible.And here to help paint the eyebrows and eyelashes.To dye eyelashes and eyebrows in the desired color, you save yourself from the application of the carcass and rastushevyvaniya pencil on eyebrows.As a result, make-up is reduced by an average of 5-10 minutes.

Another big plus is that the paint for eyebrows and eyelashes has less negative impact on the eyes than the same ink.Just imagine if every day you are using ink and pencil, then they must at the end of the day, wash them, and that is often not so easy (it all depends on the strength o

f these cosmetics).But having painted eyelashes and eyebrows once, you will forget about this procedure, approximately 2-3 weeks (there could be how fast it will be washed off).

If you decide to resort to paint eyebrows and eyelashes, then you should determine the choice of the paint itself.As a rule, it is sold in two versions: a tube (jar) for disposable and reusable.They should be sure to include a set of detailed instructions for painting brush and gloves.Talk about what the best paint for eyelashes and eyebrows, it is difficult, because it makes so much that a clear answer can not simply be.Subsequently, you can try different types and dwell on the fact that you like best.Also have to decide in advance with the color in which you want to dye eyelashes and eyebrows.Note that the dark colors may be used only if you have dark hair.With blond hair as well will harmonize various shades of brown.In no case do not use paint eyebrows and eyelashes hair dye.Last stronger, so its use is not intended could result in serious consequences, including loss of eyebrows and cilia.

Now let's talk about how to paint paint eyebrows and then his eyebrows.Do it best in that order, as the eyebrows painting requires less time.

So, on the table for you should be based on everything you need, namely paint for eyebrows and eyelashes, mirror, glove, glass or plastic container (where you will plant dye), cotton swab, brush (can be cleaned by mascara) and any protective equipment (cream, Vaseline).

Before you paint the lashes, apply a layer of cream each eye (to protect the skin from burns), but make sure that it did not get to do the eyelashes, otherwise they would not paint over.Put under the eyes a special cloth or a cotton pad.Wet the brush into the paint and gently put it on the eyelashes.Eye at the same time must be kept tightly closed and head tilted slightly forward.Make sure that the paint does not get into your eyes, but if it did happen, immediately rinse them with water.Allow the paint on the eyelashes for about 15 minutes.After painting eyelashes, go to the eyebrows.The skin around them should also lubricate the protective layer of cream.Evenly apply the mixture on the eyebrows, making sure not to leave NOT, areas.Coloring eyebrows last 5-10 minutes, depending on whether you wish to receive the group.After time runs out, the paint thoroughly rinse.

That's it!Dye for eyebrows and eyelashes has done its job.Pronounced eyebrows and eyelashes you provided.Re-staining was performed only when the old paint has washed away.