Cologne: History and Today

cologne have a pretty complicated story - it invented the Italian Giovanni Maria Farina, it was produced in the German city of Cologne, as it is called in French.But the explanation for it is.It turns out that Giovanni Maria Farina in his youth traveled to foreign lands in search of happiness and the will of fate was in Cologne, where he became a salesman in the shop.Among other things, the goods were in a modest shop and a perfume that Farina and prompted to create a new composition "perfumed water", which he called "Cologne Water" in honor of the city, and that was in 1709.

first to know about the new product only to residents of Cologne, but in 1756 in Europe, the Seven Years' War and the French soldiers, passes through the city, bought the water in huge quantities.For a man who was in military terms, but who loved the cleanliness, cologne was very helpful.From French soldiers learned about the invention and other members of the war - the British, the Swedes, cockroaches, Russian ... So, thanks to

the French, "Cologne Water" sold to Europe and then around the world.Cologne French pronounce "colony".In Russian, the word "colony" was first feminine.

first cologne, which appeared in the XVIII century, was more personal hygiene, even drugs, not aesthetic.It is widely used in medicine impregnated cologne sugar disinfect the mouth, it was added to the bathing water and wine.Even the guide came with a bottle of cologne, which encouraged young people to be diluted with water or wine, twenty or thirty drops of cologne and older - up to sixty drops and take the headaches and heart palpitations.

luxuries cologne, which began to mix floral notes, it is only in the second half of the twentieth century."Cologne Water" has made a real revolution in perfumery.Recipe suggested by Jean-Marie Farina was made from grape alcohol with the addition of bergamot, citron, rosemary, Malabar cardamom and orange, he long remained a mystery, and handed down.But gradually other factories began the production of cologne based on grape alcohol and essential oils.Interestingly, in ancient Egypt, Pharaoh Hatshepsut, a woman used a liquid which included bergamot, frankincense, and alcohol.

In Russia, mass production of cologne began during the Soviet era.While the technology of production of cologne especially did not care, but the Soviet man willingly used by domestic brands of cologne.These legendary brands as chypre cologne, triple or cologne dix, available domestic perfume yet.

eau de cologne, which began with the Russian perfumery production stood at that time in every barber shop on the bedside table in each family medicine cabinet.The smell of it was a bit harsh, some rowdy.Cologne water became eau de cologne because of Napoleon, who in 1810 ordered the soldiers to develop a disinfectant with triple protection.It was supposed to have a therapeutic effect and hygiene, as well as well refresh.And this means it was invented - it was eau de cologne, which a hundred years later at an exhibition in Paris received the Grand Prix.

Another popular cologne produced by domestic perfumers, called consonant pronunciation of the French version of the name of the island of Cyprus.According to the legend, the creators of "Shipra" visited the island and were delighted with the smells of exotic plants growing there, such as sandalwood.It was decided to immortalize these flavors is in cologne, which immediately joined the Cologne group "Extra" - is in accordance with GOST 1971.