Why Dior, Chanel, L'Oreal lipstick?

Almost all women, with rare exceptions of those who believe that the cosmetics they harm enjoying lipstick.And many of its application for the procedure are treated with special care, and some just "nakrasili and ran, only to lips dried up."The form used lipstick (of the bar), and its color, as it turns out, you can learn a lot about the character of its owner.A special role is not playing even lipstick Dior and L'Oreal lipstick, lip adorns.Expensive does not hide the character traits.

Forms lipstick :

acute form , virtually unchanged from the initial moment of use.This lipstick can be found in her purse women self-free, knowing all about their advantages and disadvantages.For them, money - money that you need to spend large amounts, and shopping - one of the favorite pastimes.

oval shape .Regardless of whether L'Oreal lipstick in your purse or any other, the owner of such a form is characterized by a more wise in relationships and in the life of a woman.She - a mystery to men, it is inexhaust

ible creativity and charisma and ability to come to a compromise, and with the help of the second half, and at work.

round shape .The nature of lipstick a woman should at least learn to not get into the network of its intrigue.She is looking for his benefit and interest in everything knows how to manipulate people, and knows exactly what she wants from life.

flat surface .Calm, good judgment, the ability to listen, understand and keep silent about heard it - the main advantages of such a lipstick holders.

concave shape. Rouge Dior, Chanel, Lancome and others who have a similar shape belong to the sensual nature, for which the romance and harmony - the most important partners in life.Perhaps this allows her to win almost any person.

clear diagonal .If you notice that Chanel, Bourjois, L'Oreal lipstick women often communicate with you has such a shape, I think, do not use it if you are to achieve their own goals.Even more afraid to stand in her way, as she sees no reason to get rid of all that prevents it to achieve its goals.

For women, sometimes recalls the presence of lipstick in your bag, make-up does not matter.It - an incorrigible workaholic, both at home and at work.Home, family, cares and problems so tightly alternate in mind that there is nothing more it does not care, rather it did not attach any importance.There are no "pegs" of this nature is necessary to wait for less than all, though "still waters ...".

color lipstick

If we define the character of lipstick, more precisely, its shape, it is difficult, then pay attention to its color.

If L'Oreal lipstick has a rich ¬ętasty" color (red, coral, pink and other colors of) the optimism and joy of life of its owner in the blood.Ease of communication, but not lightheadedness, positivity and thirst for adventure, but not excessive, perfectly characterize a woman.

Women who prefer dark colors (brown, burgundy, etc.) tend to conceal their fragile and delicate nature of the precise contour of the lips.They are mysterious and romantic, seeking to attract the attention of the opposite sex, and in control of their emotions, opening them only to trusted people.

In most cases, the choice of lipstick women prefer one color, but there are natural experimenters who like to change the images and appearance.Actresses by nature, they are closely perceive the blows of fate, can not live with a sense of permanence - they need the freedom and wind in your hair ...

now in your hands have a big enough arsenal that can be used when communicating with a woman, but do not forget thatevery woman - an enigma, so just impossible to predict.Perhaps without even noticing, you too become the object of her research?