Coffee Scrub and recipes

Coffee scrub nourishes the skin, gently removes dead skin cells and helps to better circulate the blood.

in women who use the coffee scrub, the skin becomes soft and silky, and other means for skin care caused after this scrub, are more effective.

can make a scrub of coffee grounds.It can be used immediately after preparation or first dry.Many body masks, including cellulite products include coffee grounds.

The thick, you can add fine sea salt, if the mixture will turn a little "rough", it is well to add oatmeal, just a handful.If the body skin is dry, well will add sour cream or cream.Various essential and vegetable oils can make the skin velvety and silky.

Coffee Body Scrub prepared as follows: 100 ml cream-gel or shower gel to put ground coffee - one teaspoon (grind coffee - medium).Coffee Scrub the bottle a shake applied to the body in the morning a week, two or three times, the skin will be soft and satiny.

coffee cellulite scrub can be prepared in the following way: the coffee grounds - 2

cups of sea salt - two-thirds cup (finely chop it), olive oil or massage oil - two-thirds cup - all of this mix.The mixture should always be warm (it is heated in a water bath), it is also good to use for the whole body as a peeling.If a woman has dry skin of the face, instead of sea salt, it is best to use a milled oat flakes.Before using a mixture, you need to take a hot shower.Then apply a scrub made on the field of cellulitis and wrap with plastic wrap smeared places to keep a few minutes, then unpack and take a shower to wash away the remnants of the mixture.

Coffee Scrub with Essential Oils: ground coffee (100 g), pour boiling water to a thick slurry.With 15 minutes left, and then add the butter - 1 spoonful (olive, apricot kernel, almond) and essential oil of cellulite - 8-10 drops (rosemary, orange, juniper, grapefruit, lemon, cypress, mandarin orange, cinnamon).Stir everything thoroughly.Storing the resulting mixture in a refrigerator.Use a week, two or three times as a woman to take a bath on the skin to keep ten minutes.

For all skin types of coffee scrub recipe: warm coffee grounds mixed with one tablespoon of oat flakes, apply massage movements on damp skin.The mixture is washed off with water without soap after two minutes.Instead of oatmeal can use a teaspoon of ordinary table salt or sea.Scrub the coffee is better not to use very often, but he, along with salt and cleanses the skin of blackheads and pimples, but it is able to retain moisture it slightly.

women with mixed type of skin better fit scrub of coffee with eggshells.Eggs need to cook, to clean, to a powder crushed shells, coffee grounds to mix, add milk.Apply the mixture on your face, massage a few minutes, and then rinse with clean water.

Foot Scrub tonic.Before his application to hold the feet in warm water or clean with sea salt a few minutes.Make it better before going to bed, he shoots swelling, a feeling of heaviness in the legs, the skin becomes smoother.Preparation scrub: ground coffee and ordinary table salt or sea - two tablespoons of mix with a spoon of orange essential oil.The prepared mixture is vigorously rubbed into the skin of the feet for about ten minutes, then rinse with water, spread legs moisturizer and put on warm socks.Scrub coffee grounds does not necessarily make for a particular recipe.For example, every time the coffee can be mixed with different essential oils, their fragrance will cheer up.