False eyelashes for modern fashionistas

Every woman wants to be beautiful, charming and fascinating.Want to see everything, from the tips of the eyelashes and ending with dress-catching views of others, but first of all the views of a strong half of mankind.As a rule, all the magical transformation begin with make-up.On how accurately it will be done depends on the success of the entire image.Many of us know firsthand how difficult it is to arrange short or sparse eyelashes.After all, not all of the same nature has endowed with thick strands.Usually unable to rectify the situation with the help of mascara, but even that is not always the lifeline.Dear ladies, do not despair!To make your eyelashes thicker, longer and bigger, you can use false eyelashes.

False eyelashes were invented in the last century in order to make the look more expressive models.For a long time a little thing used in the majority of prostitutes, but today other times, so loving yourself every woman at least once, but simply obliged to use false eyelashes.

How would the company did not advertise their miracle mascara, they are still far from that effect, which is the use of false eyelashes.Besides, even a modern procedure as eyelash, inferior to their security overhead locks.

Currently kinds of false eyelashes are very diverse.They differ in length, volume, color and, of course, price.Besides, they can be sold in the form of whole strip or even individual pryadok individual cilia.What is best is difficult to say for sure.To understand what is closer to you, it is best to use each type.The color palette is varied and, then, as the saying goes, a flight of fantasy unlimited.Wanted, black eyelashes stuck today and tomorrow - purple or green.The fashion industry does not know stops, therefore constantly invent new things.For example, recently there have been false eyelashes with rhinestones and sequins.And by paying certain amount of money, you can buy false eyelashes made from natural hair.Amazing, is not it?

Thus, the goods purchased, it now remains to understand how to apply false eyelashes.We can not say that it is difficult, but still have to have a certain skill.

  • Before you begin gluing to find the best in your case length.To do this, attach them to their own and, if necessary, cut off the excess.Overly long eyelashes will look defiant, so everything should be in moderation.
  • easiest glued beams difficult - individual cilia.
  • Dampen overhead cilia in a special glue and carefully glue them as close as possible at the base of your eyelashes.
  • it was convenient to do, use the tweezers.Hold it a few seconds eyelashes, so that they are well stuck.
  • If you used a strip of lashes, it can disguise the adhesive base liner.
  • separate beams necessarily stick on the entire eyelid, may give the mystique and the two beams, glued at the outer corner of the century.

Now we have to learn how to remove false eyelashes.And to make it more difficult than their sticking.Do not try to just pull out bundles or all stripes, it can injure the skin of the century, and even the eyes.To make them easier to lag behind, they can be oiled.Also note that in the false eyelashes can not go to sleep.There is a possibility that any cilium fall off and fall into the eye.If you plan to frequently use false eyelashes, remember the following: to be a break at least 1-2 days.It is necessary to have time to rest your eyes on the strangers' boyfriends. "