Face cream: an important element in the arsenal of beauty

No modern woman, taking care of their appearance and dealing with skin care, can not do without high-quality face cream.Especially - moisturizer.Its main task - protecting the skin from the negative effects of harmful ultraviolet radiation, their hydration and nutrition, and the correct choice of a face cream will help preserve and prolong youthfulness of the fair sex, and will be an excellent basis for any makeup.

moisturizing cosmetics contribute to the fact that the cells of the epidermis give a smaller amount of moisture so that the skin becomes elastic appearance.However, it is possible only if a moisturizer for the face chosen correctly - otherwise you may experience irritation, rash or other not too favorable effects, get rid of them is not easy.In order to make the right choice, it is necessary to correctly determine the type of the skin - for dry or normal cream should be saturated and dense, oily or combined - easier, until a lotion or emulsions.In addition, the cream should be matched by ag

e categories - cosmetics for young women differ in composition from those that are designed for mature skin.In today's world, even developed a special line for teenagers, because modern women of all ages know exactly: without the support of healthy skin quickly loses all its attractive appearance.

Face Cream can be more or less effective depending on its composition, in particular - on the presence of moisturizing ingredients.For dry skin and normal type cream should be set based on the fat, while the fat type cosmetic preparation needs to be based on water.This fact can be checked when buying a cream - Apply a small amount on the back of your hand, rub and wait for the emergence sensations of heat or cold (in the first case, a face cream made on the basis of fat, in the second - a water-based).

Apply moisturizing makeup for the face, you can at any time - during the day, in the evening after the water treatment or before bedtime.If the cream is used during the day, in the winter with the help moisturize the skin should be about half an hour before going out not to supercool the skin.

However, only one moisturizer for a complete skin care is not enough - in the arsenal of modern women must necessarily be a matting agent that saves problematic skin - oily or combination - the visible manifestation of a malfunction of the sebaceous glands, that is, from the greasy.Face Cream matting can choose different types of skin - normal, without any particular problems, it will help her to become velvety and tender, fat - in order to cover a large number of deficiencies or a combination - which will help get rid of the greasy shine.

Matting cream for the most part intended for young girls, skin sebaceous glands that produce an excessive amount of fat.In the struggle with this all means - powder, certain procedures, as well as cream, providing matting effect tightens pores, visually smoothes the skin and helps get rid of redness and greasy.In other words, a cosmetic covering face film, restoring the normal functioning of the glands in the deeper layers of the epidermis.It is very important not to be mistaken with the choice, since it is not too high-quality matting cream can cause skin damage, too dry it and finally breaking the lipid balance.A good agent will be required to contain moisturizing ingredients to maintain and normalize metabolic processes in the tissues.