About how to apply blush

Make a good make-up is not easy.It is unlikely that this is debatable.Casual women make up the majority of simple and minimal, it can not be said about his version of the evening.One of the main means of cosmetics, which should be able to handle, are blush.Sometimes, even a good makeup can be easily spoiled by the wrong tone and the amount applied blush.

Before beginning discussions about how to apply blush, is necessary to choose the right type of your skin.Usually, women prefer powdery option that fits a woman with any type of skin and face.Yet such is best suited to blush oily skin, as it will lay flatter, hiding the shine.By mixing different shades, you can transform blush mac, Chanel, Dior and other companies in the individual, the most suitable shade.The main rule, which can not forget, if you want a more natural make-up with the help of powdery blush - they are applied to the layer of powder, but in any case, not vice versa.

For dry skin color is better to look among the cream blush.As in co

nventional creams, here contains nourishing and moisturizing the skin material, so they are not only useful, but also lay down evenly.Unlike powdery variant, cream blush is best applied over a layer of tone and shade fingers, and only then apply the powder.Creamy mac, loreal, dior blush are perfectly suited for all skin types when creating evening makeup.

next type - a gel blush.They dry quickly, so their application must first be trained so as not to spoil the final make-up.Gel blush is applied to the base or foundation on clean skin.Their main advantage - the ability to retain moisture and initial as after application, the form for a long time.Masters makeup recommend gel blush mac, dior, chanel and other even more mature ladies, as they create a fresh and light shade of natural blush on his face.

now discuss more specifically how to apply blush.It is important to note three points:
- area of ‚Äč‚Äčapplication,
- motion for deposition coating,
- number.

to define the scope of application, should be widely and unnatural smile at her reflection in the mirror.Visually select the contour cheekbones - here and need to apply blush.

Depending on what you prefer to use for applying blush, pay attention to the correct moves that allow you to create a smooth and uniform layer on the cheeks: the wrist - a straight up and down movement, and for the sponge - a circular motion.

important to remember not only how to apply blush and how to choose the right their tone.Ideally, it should be suitable for the color of lipstick: red lipstick - red or pink blush, lipstick apricot - peach blush.Thus, choosing the color of lipstick, you both pick up the tone of blush.It is important that the selected chanel, mac dior blush came complexion: for dark skin - crimson shades for light - pink.If you can not choose something specific - use universal option - peach blush.

To know how to apply blush, except complexion is necessary to draw attention to its shape.For women with a round face movements should be from the cheekbones to the temples, and for women with a round face - from the temples to the cheeks.

Even properly applying blush can spoil the overall impression, if a layer of more than necessary.Therein lies another danger: the dry paint can be removed or "paint" powder, but the gel (as they dry quickly) must be washed off, so the pre-and noted the need to practice before applying for their "output" option makeup.

Remember that blush should make you a more natural, creating a slight blush on the line of cheekbones, and not to make a pretty woman in a painted doll.