Antiperspirant: purpose and use.

Antiperspirant became part of the permanent set of cosmetic skin care.Often, however, its function replaced by a function of a deodorant.But between them there are significant differences based on the mechanism of influence on the process of the skin and sweating.

Dezodarant for removal and replacement of an unpleasant smell, which is caused by bacteria.Its use is not regulated.Antiperspirant created for other purposes.Its function - blocking and narrowing channels perspiration.Its members typically include an aluminum compound or zinc allowing clog the skin and stop sweating.

Given that human skin is the most important function allocation, to remember that the permanent blocking potovydelitelnyh channels can negatively affect health.Therefore, antiperspirant is recommended for use only once a week.You can of organic only to those situations where serious event or be a public appearance.Regular use is necessary for people with hyperhidrosis - excessive sweating.

Apply antiperspirant is necessary o

nly in the armpits dry and clean skin.You must first wash off the previous layer.

during strenuous sports and loads going on sweating.This is a good process that the body needs.Using antiperspirants is contraindicated at this time, as it may be swelling or disorder of the heat balance of the body.

When exposed to sunlight on the skin, covered with antiperspirants can cause spots, so the use of it on the beach is not recommended.

the market cosmetic products, antiperspirants presented as a cream, spray, gel, liquid crystal, talc.They are produced with an aqueous or alcohol-based.Available in both unscented deodorant and with cosmetic additives.Of course, differences in the composition of cosmetic products allow them to produce different effects on the skin.Selection antiperspirant should be individualized.

Alcohol antiperspirants dry and irritate the skin with regular use much stronger.The antiperspirant composition may include antimicrobial agents - Triclosan, chlorhexidine.Despite the fact that they enhance the action of antiperspirant healthy microflora axillary regions with disturbed.The composition of the antiperspirant include preservatives.The higher the shelf life, the correspondingly greater preservatives.

Currently available antiperspirants with natural substances (for example, oak bark, tea tree oil), which also soothe the skin and inhibit the process of sweating.There are medical preparations: drops, ball bottles, aerosols.They are recommended only in cases of very heavy sweating.Gels are recommended by experts as the best kind of anti-perspirant.They combine their direct appointment with the cosmetic effect (do not leave marks on clothes).

popular brands of antiperspirants on the Russian market just over a dozen.Some studies and consumer surveys have shown that most women use antiperspirants REXONA, SECRET, ORIFLAME, LADY SPEED STICK.These cosmetics are more appropriate to Russians on the criteria of "price".However, if you focus on the criteria of "quality", then in the first place by the reviews come VICHY, PERFORMANCE ADIDAS, FLORENA, LADY SPEED STICK.

The attractive VICHY antiperspirant (Vichy) from the French manufacturer?Most reviews potrebitelnits more enthusiastic than critical.They note the efficiency of cosmetic products, quality and safety.