Mouthwash: Balsam, elixir, powder

teeth should be cleaned carefully twice a day - this simple truth is known to all of us since childhood, and many believe that this care of the mouth, teeth and gums can be safely completed.But, of course, it is not so simple, because the teeth are exposed daily to a variety of hazards - ranging from relatively harmless raid, ending a dangerous disease called caries and mechanical damage.

can be concluded that mere brushing your teeth is not enough if only in combination with toothpaste not to use mouthwash, can strengthen tooth enamel, prevent damage and bleeding gums, as well as to anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory effect, destroying bacteriaand protecting the vulnerable mucous membranes.Another advantage of using such funds - giving fresh breath - is an important advantage, but we think about it too often, among the main calling of the above properties.Nevertheless, mouthwash able to clean and wash the language "pollution" and which is the cause of malodor.

Today, many manufacturers offer us

to acquire their options and variations conditioners, which are recommended for use with the appropriate toothpaste.There are several types of such agents - salves, elixirs and dry-powder formulations.

first are the most common and popular, they are divided into inflammatory (mostly natural ingredients) and anticaries (containing fluorine and calcium ions).Among the best are balms means the company «Sensitive», tools such as «Colgate» rinse that strengthens tooth enamel quality, improve mineralization, often affected by reducing the increased sensitivity of the gums and enamel.When you use these balms should remember that they should be applied after cleaning the teeth, as only in this case they contain the elements fluorine and calcium can gain a foothold and start its good work.Furthermore, balm should contact with the tooth surface for two to three minutes, which is also necessary for the assimilation of all the required elements.

second type cleaner the mouth - the elixir for the gums, anti-inflammatory effect.They are able to have a beneficial effect on the microflora of the mucous membranes and blood flow, heal minor wounds in the gums and disinfect them.In contrast to the balm elixir-mouthwash should be applied to the hygienic cleaning of the teeth, as the tool makes a raid on a soft tooth enamel, is easily removed with a brush.Most of the elixirs include natural ingredients, volatile vegetable that strengthens the gums and make them healthier, able to withstand small mechanical damage and bacteria.The maximum effect, according to experts, having a tool such as mouthwash "Forest Balsam", but just as effective and natural products "Spring-plus", "breeze" and "Forest".

dry powders for oral cleaning, appeared on the Russian market relatively recently, but has already won its adherents.Such funds should be diluted before use in a small amount of boiled water immediately before use, and the biggest effect they have in the most advanced cases - if necessary, disinfection and healing of purulent diseases.Experts note that for disease prevention because of its concentration and the content of certain elements of the mouthwash should not eat.