'Versace' fragrance - fragrance for the most beautiful

Italian company Gianni Versace was founded in 1978, talented and ambitious young man who easily captured the demanding public of Italy for its impeccable taste and sense of style.The company was founded in the production of fashionable clothes, accessories, and "Versace" - fragrance to this day remains the most popular and popular among buyers.

Many luxury unsurpassed flavors gave the world the Versace fashion house, in the heart of this giant originate most exquisite and extraordinary compositions, which subsequently conquered the hearts of women around the world."Versace" - fragrance is a magical magic potions that give a woman vital energy and unmatched confidence.Aromas "Versace" - is not just exquisite and expensive perfume, it is a whole philosophy outlook, image and representation of yourself in this unique and unpredictable world.To emphasize their individuality and give your image can be romantic, causing a drop of perfume on the body or clothing.At the same time a good mood and vitality girl

is guaranteed for a long time.

Most recently, the company has released a new women's perfume "Versace Bright Crystal."This bright floral fragrance with a touch of frosty freshness and juicy notes of peony, pomegranate, magnolia and lotus flowers will not leave indifferent neither a woman's heart.Exquisite flavor of passion is for strong and self-confident ladies, warm and bewitching notes of amber, musk and mahogany give it a refined femininity and elegance.Elegant and long-lasting aroma, perfect for a lovely intelligent lady with impeccable taste.Bright attractive composition like today's dynamic woman who respects the elegant and fresh classics, and thus remains free and plastic.

«Versace '- fragrance presented in a variety of compositions savory smells - a frosty fresh, floral-fruity and woody aromas exquisitely.Dew drops on the delicate magnolia cool or frost on the enchanting rose for every woman there exists a true and unrivaled flavor, charming her heart and soul.The greatest variety of music and magic scents hidden in a small original flakonchike.Here and mountain peaks, gently hugging the tops of mountains sun and the first snow just touches the fragile stalks nezabudok mountain, and a crystal surface of the most beautiful lakes in the world.Delicate floral notes is ideally complemented by aromas of musk and amber, which reveal its owner magical secret seductive female."Versace" - fragrance in the fashion world have become a symbol of luxury and refined elegance unmatched.

Perfume «Versace Bright Crystal» - a symbol of sensuality and sophistication, it is meant for the most daring of the fair sex who are not afraid to reveal their true beauty of the world.In the heart of the fragrance bloom gently subtle shades of peony, magnolia and lotus, and the trail of woody-musky odors allows them to unfold in full force."Versace" - perfumes for women - is the choice of a strong and self-confident woman who is not afraid of change and gradually reveals the world around her beautiful self.Such women do not have to prove anything, they simply represent a refined precious soul in this world who can understand not every inhabitant.

Every woman must necessarily have its own version of a perfume from "Versace", which is why the company presents a variety of options for trendy flavors.A variety of options - it's a great starting point for studying their tendencies and preferences.