Eyeliner: How to paint a beautiful and straight arrows

One type of cosmetic - eyeliner

soulful, expressive, deep, insightful ... So maybe look of a girl who knows how to use eyeliner.This cosmetic product allows you to change the shape of the eyes, highlight them significantly transform its image.How to use eyeliner?How to give your look a shade of mystery and magic, using a pencil?Of course, success will help the patience and practice.

main types of cosmetics to highlight and emphasize the eyes - it is a contour pencil and eyeliner.The most popular colors for them are black, brown and gray.It is these shades go well with the eyes of any color and are suitable for all types of makeup.Our tips will help you learn how to choose the eyeliner, how to paint arrows with it.

eyeliner differ in texture, color and form.They may be similar in composition to a cream, gel (liquid eyeliner) or serve an alternative view of a pencil - a felt pen.When choosing a cosmetic product such as eyeliner, you should pay attention to a lot of nuances, including the shape of t

he eyes and face, skin type.It is also necessary to determine, with the help of a brush, it's best to be painted.As the liner can be used and eyeshadow.

What opt ​​

eyeliner should be chosen according to the color of makeup.If the right is difficult to determine, it is necessary to take eyeliner to the tone darker than the shadow, but in any case not be the same shades.Excellent results can be obtained if it is possible to choose the right color mascara and eyeliner.Then, from the shadows should be abandoned.

Types podvodok

What is a liquid eyeliner?This is a small bottle filled with paint.Its lid is attached a pointed brush.This cosmetic product has several advantages: it is well kept on the skin century, it has several degrees of water resistance.In addition, in the arsenal of this kind podvodok large variety of colors.

How to apply liquid eyeliner, how to paint with the help of a neat and straight arrows?

first best to try to hold a straight line on the arm, to learn to work with a brush and to determine the required amount of paint.If you are satisfied, proceed safely to the eyes.

liquid eyeliner is better to use for the upper eyelid.Conducted its lines around the eyes will look rough and unnatural.Well stamped eyeliner will make the look more penetrating and profound.

Often, in order to make the eye expressive, women use a pencil.With the help of user-friendly, and most importantly, you can quickly apply smooth and precise contours forever.Different colors, composition, hardness allow women to make the choice of the pen, which is very convenient.What is a pencil like eyeliner, it outlines how to paint?First of all, it should be well sharpened, otherwise the line will turn rough and thick.Never tracing his eyes completely - it will make them have less.

alternative pencil crayons act.Their disadvantage is that not all manufacturers of cosmetic products they are released.Among the advantages can be noted that they do not need sharpening, they fit well on the eyelids, dry quickly and stay long.

There is also a dry eyeliner on its consistency resembles a powder.What is this eyeliner, how to paint with the help of the contours?This cosmetic product is much easier to use than the liquid eyeliner.The only problem is just that, putting the line, you need to wet the brush in water, otherwise the hoses will not hold.

fatty or creamy, eyeliner is also often used to highlight the eyes.How to use eyeliner this kind?Apply it should be with a brush dipped in water.This cosmetic product is difficult to draw an arrow, and the color scheme is not so diverse.Among the positive qualities can be called that this eyeliner dries quickly and lasts a long time.

Just say no liner companies and what kind is best to acquire, difficult.Ideally - to make better use of all kinds, and then make the right choice.Let your search be successful and flawless make-up!