Day and evening make-up eyes

Eyes - mirror of the soul.They beckon attract, forced to hesitate and are simply an object of veneration and chanting for many centuries.Properly executed eye make-up can make any girl or woman's beauty with a unique look.You'll need cosmetics, a little time, desire and skill.Do not think that the make-up of eyes - it is only the application of shadows, mascara eyeliner.It begins eyebrow shaping.Using tweezers removes excess hair, thereby forming a correct, clear shape eyebrows.Excessive efforts in this matter are not necessary.Eyebrows should be a natural form of medium thickness.

After that cleansing and moisturizing the skin century carefully applied concealer, which will align the tone and eliminate the circles under the eyes.In the inner parts of the need to use a lighter tone than external.If the eyes are planted far, it is contrary to darken and lighten the internal corners of the exterior.Under eyebrow apply a light correcting means, and then shaded.This line will make them more pronounced.Eye

brow pencil or painted shadows on the darker tone of the natural color of hair.If necessary, using makeup is added to his height and volume.

creating make-up eyes , should remember this simple rule: light shade applied in the inner corners of the eyes, and the dark - in the outer.Correctly set up the eye make-up can change their visual form.For daytime make-up only one light-colored shadows.On the evening variant is already possible to experiment.You will need 2 tone shades: light and dark.They can be of different colors, but it must be suitable for combination with one another.For example, pink and dark gray.On the upper eyelid still applied gently light shadows, and moving part of the withdrawal to the outer corner.The skin under the eyelid color bright, whitish tones.Thereafter, the application of shadows border must be shaded so that color smoothly from one to another.

For several consecutive seasons leading make-up in the style of Smokey Aes.He drew attention to the eyes.To create you need to choose darker shades of gray and close to black.They are applied in the same way as in the previous case, only with the painted upper and lower eyelids.To make the look more expressive use "Art visage" eyeliner, which can also make a visually luxuriant lashes.The main rule - a feature should be located as close to the lash line.There are various options for eyeliner.This completely across the lash line, and by mid-century, and with the withdrawal of the arrows abroad century.It is important that the line was applied carefully and had sharp edges.To achieve this effect, a pencil or eyeliner brush should be conducted directly on the lashes themselves.Excess color and irregularities can be removed with a cotton swab or brush.

final stage makeup can be called applying mascara on the lashes.To do this, they need to be slightly rootstock special tweezers.Then paint them with ink from the roots to the tips.Curled lashes look will give greater transparency and radiance.Mascara should be selected according to the type of eyelashes.For long and thin suitable surround option, and for thick - lengthening mascara.You can also play with its color and change the usual black or brown hues in plum or blue.It is worth remembering that over-thick coat of mascara on the eyelashes may well be a complete make-up eyes.When you run any version of make-up need to be very careful and choose the color according to your skin type and appearance.Do not be afraid of experiments.Only actions can come to the ideal.